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@durga ch • 23 Oct, 2013 • 1 like
ok, though everything else works fine, I had an issue while accessing VM. The network adapter 1 ( attached to NAT ) is just fine. But the problem is with adapter 2 . Enabling Adapter 2 for Host -Only Adapter settings - triggers a error. This seems to be a genuine issue and has been fixed by Virtual box in release 4.3

ticket # :

I upgraded my VB to 4.3 and the problem is resolved.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Oct, 2013 I'm using Parallels and Maverics is currently downloading. I think most of the apps should be compatible on the new update. Will report if anything looks broken.
@durga ch • 23 Oct, 2013 • 1 like yes, safari 'looks' quicker (did not test) and rest all is fine.(including processing speeds)
Apple maps are back 😛
Also seems, the software suggests to register for iCloud feature , to aid in finding lost MacBooks. whatever !

I am though worried about thrid-party apps, hope they work-
@Ross Perkins • 23 Oct, 2013 Confirmed that Virtualbox 4.3 is indeed working with OS X Mavericks.

I had Virtualbox 4.2.18 and it was broken, saying vboxnet0 was not found. Attempts to add it failed.

Interestingly, "check for updates" said I was up-to-date, no updates available.

However, I deleted the and downloaded the new 4.3 from and now I confirm that my existing VMs are indeed working great with vboxnet0.
@durga ch • 23 Oct, 2013 looks like XQuartz does not come by default too, though the server and client libraries are available for OS X Moutain Lion.

By the way , I am observing some eerie behaviour with VBox and OSX, either the computer does not shut down or I have to reinstall VMBOx every time I want to use it. Hopefully I don't regret upgrading my software.

EDIT: I do regret upgrading. This problem is persistent, every time I reboot I have to reinstall VBox .
@Roger L • 24 Oct, 2013 Ross is correct that everyone will need to upgrade to VirtualBox 4.3.

The reason for the missing host adapter(s) is listed here:
@durga ch • 01 Dec, 2013 • 1 like seems the newest version of vbox (4.3.4 r91027 )has fixed the issue.
1.Started vbox
2. hostadaptor settings are intact
3 started vm
4.shut vm
5.closed vm
6.restarted machine

so far so good.

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