@shripada.gk • 31 Aug, 2011 • 1 like
i want some mat lab mini projects? can you help me?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 31 Aug, 2011 We are trying hard to read your mind remotely and find out what help you need. Unfortunately, we don't seem to succeed.

PS: We won't do your homework.
@Rupam Das • 04 Sep, 2011 A simple Ethics if you are hungry "Go to Resturant", if you dont find one, search.

MATLAB Central is the resource where you can download many ( over 20,000) matlab fully functional Projects contributed to community members like me and my good friends in Mathworks.

"But the Million Dollar Question is Do you really know what are the type of projects that can be done in Matlab?"

Some of the General Idea Through is
1) Implement Kruskal algorithm in Matlab
2) Find out the Missing value in a Series
3) Predict the next set of values in a Time Series Data
4) Implement Shortest path algorithm.

[You must know Matlab has 137 internal and 500 external toolboxes in various applications like 3d, Image Processing, Data Acquisition, Communication] It is not like you C. So when you are searching something in Matlab, first zero in the domain. That helps

" So the Appropriate question I gues will be : I am in 3rd sem Mtech in Computer Science, Can you tell me the possible areas where I can do a mini project in matlab?"
@born_star16 • 05 Sep, 2011 One project I know in Matlab is Face Detection.
@Rupam Das • 05 Sep, 2011 hey born_star16 that is by no means a mini project
@VISHNU J A • 12 Jan, 2012 hai,
can anyone please help me in doing a matlab mini project.give me some relevant topics with details

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