Materials used in Automobile construction

I am an Automobile engineering student doing my Final year preparing for my campus placement. So I would like to collect some information on the construction materials in a automobile. You can say it in depth or overview, It can help me at a point. So i would like to share my collection. It an overview and I will post the detailed manner in a short time.
1)Glass- All of you could think that I am wrong but think twice before it.Glass play a major role in the construction material especially in manufacturing of windshields,rear and side view mirrors and help us drive the car without air cutting our face.
2)Tires- Its been a driving force in a automobile.It is majorly used in tire construction.Also used in wiper, hoses, Engine mounts, seals, etc.
3)Aluminium- An gift from nature because of its light weight and toughness property,Al stands best in body construction.About 9% of total weight in modern vehicles compromise Al.
4)Plastic- Yes Plastic also had a major role in weight reduction and because of its durability and cheapness,Plastic is widely used in dashboard, gauges, dials, switches, air conditioner vents, door handles, floor mats, seat belts, airbags,etc.
5)Steel- Mainly used in chassis construction because of its strength and collision withstanding property.Used mainly in roofs,panels,pillars,etc.

Will be back after a while with more,,,,
Its a open thread So don't hesitate to share what you know......😁
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  • Velshankar MJ
    Velshankar MJ
    What about the seat materials which makes us feel comfort
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    • Usually seat covers are made up of Acrylic Fur,Soft Leather,Neoprene,Cotton,Polyester,Velour,etc because of their durability and stain resistant.
  • zaveri
    Asbestos and mica, are used as lining for clutch.
  • Siddhant Mukherjee
    Siddhant Mukherjee
    Wood for styling of gear lever, dashboard and steering wheel.
    Carbon fibre for chassis and other parts such as disk of disk brakes in sport cars .
    Ceramics used in brake pads of disk brakes in sport cars.
    Composite materials
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    So here is an update of materials used in engine construction:
    1)Crankshaft- usually forged by use of low alloy chromium-molybdenum steel or chromium moly - vanadium steel.

    Note: they will be nitrided to improve fatigue resistance.
    2)piston - mostly aluminium because reciprocate mass should be low.Research is going on to use hyper eutectic aluminium silicon alloys(petrol)
    and aluminium crowns with oil cooling for diesel engines.
    3)con rods- titanium for race bikes and most bikes use low alloys for it.
    5)cylinder - aluminium with cast iron liners.some use al cylinder blocks with al liners.

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