• While the existing 3D printers find their raw materials in plastic and rubber, the recently announced Mark One 3D chews a tougher bread- carbon fiber. Designed by Gregory Mark, this printer aims at reducing carbon fiber manufacturing costs. The printer was originally inspired with the desire to produce prototype racecar wings more quickly, and once it's launched, it shall be serving many applications. The creator believes that with Mark One, several household utilities like tools, home fixtures and other replacement parts could easily be printed, what with the toughness and lightness of carbon fiber. Not to forget immensely durable toys. Compared to the present 3D printed material ABS, the carbon-fiber printed structure promises 5x strength and 20x stiffness.


    Carbon fiber is not easy to acquire as a raw material, so apart from that option the printer works with other composites like PLA plastic, nylon and fiberglass. The printer could be pre-ordered March onwards, and it's make a $5000 sized hole in your pocket. Folks in San Diego, if interested, should make their dash towards the SolidWorks World convention 2014 where they can see Mark One for real.

    Watch the video to know more:

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