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Many reasons why you won't quit your job

There are some studies to show why people do not quit jobs they do not like. They continue with this mill stone round their necks. Reasons seem to be many but quite a few are quite not what seems obvious.
This article from Harward Business Review makes interesting reading.

What about engineers? CEans?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 15, 2012
I think the thread is more suited in our entrepreneurship section 😀

By the way, I agree with the author:

You've been conditioned. Scientists know that the best way to train someone to perform a behavior is to reward them for doing so at random intervals.
It's actually like that! Maybe that's why the corporate race is often called as 'The Rat Race' 😁. I've several friends who've stuck up to their jobs even when they hate every moment of it. Many have made plans and they're still working on it. It's actual the brain conditioning that makes us do so many things we can do fine without.

For me, I always knew with the savings I had; I'd do fine for a period of 3 years (I was a bachelor then) on my savings. Well, that does not mean I had huge savings. It's just that I kept my expenses *very* low: a strategy that works very well for every newbie/wannabe entrepreneur. 😀
I agree. I took a decision very early in life that I will be completely selfish and do what I like doing, whether it pays or not. I do not regret it after more than half a century of it. It did not pay much though. However it is still fun.

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