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@Kaustubh Katdare • 10 Jan, 2013 • 1 like
Makkhichoose is the latest browser plugin by a developer from IIT Chennai that lets you compare the prices of the product you're currently browsing. For example, if you're looking at Galaxy SIII on Flipkart, the browser plugin will quickly show the prices of the same product listed on following ecommerce portals -

You will quickly know which website is selling the product for the lowest price and then make a decision.

Give it a try:
@zaveri • 10 Jan, 2013 This is just what is required for literature survey. ! awesome find !
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 11 Jan, 2013 Is this suitable in safari browser also I am curious to know this
@Harshad Italiya • 11 Jan, 2013 It's funny name but I appreciate it. I was looking for same kind of website for electronics component purchase and I found one. I'll give it try tomorrow.

Thumbs up for Idea.

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