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mranand • Jun 13, 2011

making an electromagnet

I am planning to make an electromagnet which can lift atleast 200gm mass.
Normally electromagnets are made up by coiling an iron rod and passing a considerable
amount of dc voltage through it. Based on this I have few questions.
1 is there any device which convert 220vac to 12vdc & is it possible to increase it upto 220 vdc
or should i use separate device for the above purposes and what would be the cost of the device much dc volts and amps are required to magnetise an iron rod so that it may lift 200gm mass & how much number of coil turns are required.
3 how can I increase the magnetic power of the electromagnet
4 how can I reverse the poles of the electromagnet
ISHAN TOPRE • Jun 13, 2011
How about using a step down transformer and a rectifier? I think this would do.

See this simple formula. F=q(v X B). Substitute 'F' with 200 gram force, you can adjust current field q and magnetic field B for a constant velocity.

Keep us updated if you can make an electromagnet. 😀

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