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Make Way For Hero Honda Gold Wing - Hybrid Version

Question asked by Farjand in #Automobiles on May 10, 2011
Farjand · May 10, 2011
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There is good news for Hybrid bikes fans from Honda. For aficionados of Hybrid bikes, who like to read about various hybrid bikes and those who like to know about it, Honda is going to bring a hybrid version of Honda Gold wing bike. Honda had filed a patent in September last year (2010). Accordingly it is now all set to launch its hybrid bike. Japanese giant Honda has a vast experience in producing hybrid cars. It is now taking a next step towards producing a hybrid bike. The primary objective of this modified hybrid is to offer its customers a better choice and service, also more importantly to capture market.

The patent filed by Honda in US patent office, suggests the use of an electric motor supplemented by a four cylinder engine. New technology always promises a cutting edge over predecessor technology. But in doing so, Honda is not using its 1800 CC boxer six cylinder engine. The replacement is eyed with great curiosity. This being a long distance vehicle, replacing with this new one does make sense. A smaller four cylinder engine would emit less carbon. But would it work for city travelling is more of a question. Honda hence, is expected to run with a new drive train than the present.


The Gold wing sports a very classy look and even though, a long distance and a sturdy bike it is, still no compromise is made in its looks. The styling of saddle bags, color and everything is minutely designed. Every single factor is carefully considered. Not only sturdy and beautiful looks, Gold wing also features modern facilities like MP3 system, GPS system and all facilities which would make your journey joyful. You can easily plan your journey using GPS facility and just enjoy travelling. You just name it and that facility is available in Gold wing. Moreover it is provided with so many buttons and dials, that the idea is in itself mind boggling. The mileage offered by its version in 2010 was about 30 miles per gallon so you can bet for more efficient version coming in.

Now if we compare hybrid four wheelers with hybrid bike i.e.; Gold wing, the case seems to be opposite. It looks like cars are actually high on fuel consumption for long drives. A very important rival bike for Gold wing seems to be BMW’s K1600GTL. However over last decade, it has given a tough competition to its rival brands. Honda has contributed heavily to the hybrid movement since 2001. Honda has been one of the market leaders since its first bike launched in market not only in Hybrids but also in gasoline fed ones. May it be a Honda C450 which was simple and launched a way back in 1974 or Gold wing series. The Japanese seem to be constantly innovating in technology.

So as always, Gold wing is all set to rock the roads with its style, power and looks. When you will buy one, you will also buy a “real bike comfort” and “pleasure”. Gold wing seems to be a good alternative to other contemporary same class bikes. It would be amazing to see its modifications and performance once it is in market.

Source: IndianCarsBikes Image: WeMotor Posted in: #Automobiles

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