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Make way for CEan Durga

Question asked by raj87verma88 in #Coffee Room on May 14, 2009
raj87verma88 路 May 14, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
Durga joined us on 5th October 2008, rose rapidly through the ranks and became part of the pioneering CE-Ambassador team. She has taken a lot of initiatives on CE including threads dedicated to teaching english. We caught up with Durga while she was watching a cricket match between Australia and South Africa earlier this year. She was lazying around on an easy chair but got all excited when we said the magic word.... "KYCEan".

CE: Hi Durga. What's up?
Durga: Hey hi 😀. Nothing ..watching AUS vs SA

CE: Are you a cricket buff? Which team are you supporting?
Durga: I generally support INDIA and next any team which plays against AUS
I would love to see AUS loosing to SA with 3-0, they have not been white washed since past 100+ yrs.

CE: What other sports do you follow?
Durga: I play badminton and swimming, sorry I don't play I swim.

CE: Any plans of crossing the English Channel or the gulf strait to set a world record?
Durga: Hahaha...no, I learnt it very recently. Still an amateur at it.

CE: You love reading astronomical books. What interests you in them?
Durga: I like to know about it. Tried making a telescope with my elder sister's drawing sheets holder, but could not! 😔
It interests me.

CE: Tell us something about your job?
Durga: My job....I am basically a system analyst. Singtel is our developing company and Optus is my parent company which will be using Singtel,s application..I need to maintain these applications and trouble shoot them.
I love my job 😁, it's amusing.. new issue every day.

CE: Your dreams include a house running on blue tooth and a greener world. Could you elaborate?
Durga: I have a centralised computer which I can operate on, since a blue tooth master can opearte upto 8 slaves. I can create a apico net for my home where my computer acts as a master with all other electric appliances acting as slaves. I can regulate light fan, switch on tv, switch on speakers etc.
I dont know what I am talking makes sense. Like a blue tooth mouse, I don't need wires to connect, everything is wireless. But one disadvantage, people will become obese 😛

CE: So your dreams of a greener world will be hampered by you dreams of a Blue tooth enabled house. Greener means healthy world and obese people are not healthy.
Durga: Greener for me is balance in ecosystem. More plants, more animals and good humans...😀 I have many things to do. I want to establish a parallel organization like blue cross, I want to create awareness about having plants, I have to campaign against leather and fur.
But i don't know where and how to start. Also, I hate people who waste water.😡

CE: You are a strong believer in Hard work.
Durga: Yes, I am.

CE: And you are a very 'Hard Working' sudoku and kakuro champion.
Durga: No, I am not a champion. I like playing them.

CE: I heard you waste quite a lot of time in front of TV.....😉
Durga: Hehe...I do..I have this bad habit of switching the TV on when I do something. I need to curb it 😔

CE: Any favorite channel or shows?
Durga: I watch news, an online streaming of 'Roadies' and 'Oye! It's friday'!!, and all movies.

CE: Don't you watch Animal Planet? After all you are an Animal Lover.
Durga: Animal Planet, Discovery and NatGeo are all paid channels, so I don't get them. I miss cartoon network as well. Not much fan of violent movies and psycho stuff. Remaining all I can digest.

CE: What is your state of mind right now?
Durga: Happy

CE: Name 5 CEans in 5 seconds
Durga: Kaosutub
spelling mistake 😛
CE: Thats six...😒
Durga: No! its 5

CE: Just kidding. What do you like about CE?
Durga: Collective interests of all members. I mean everyone has something to offer and take back from CE.

CE: Any thing you dislike or feel there is something missing on CE?
Durga: hmm.. I wanted to ask Biggie if a new section 'how stuff works' could be included. That's important for engineers. Everyone can pop up one device or appliance and explain how it works.

CE: I should have asked this in the beginning but is it Durga or Ambassador Durga.
Durga: Durga

CE: Ambassador sounds quite imposing and regal, doesn't it?
Durga: May be.. but I am OK with my name.. please make it Ms Durga, I remember when Ceans took me to be a guy.

CE: How are you coping with your new powers as Ambassador?
Durga: Powers? I need to work more. I find myself not contributing much, so I need to improve upon it 😔

CE: You are being modest?
Durga: Seriously, I neither see myself greeting newbies nor encouraging them. Ambassadors are for that, I need to build up.

Any New Year resolution you made recently.
Durga: No....

CE: Describe yourself in i line.
Durga: All time confused.

Suppose, I grant you 3 wishes.
Durga: 1 Save earth
2 Bring people out of this recession
3 Three more wishes

CE: Which animal is most like you and why?
Durga: I love dogs, no reason.

Same question for a cartoon character?
Durga: Dexter, again no reasons.

CE: Name the CEans that you would like to meet?
Durga: Biggie, Mayur, Shalini.

Do you love traveling?
Durga: Yup...in India it was limited to Bangalore. Here i have been to Melbourne and few other beaches..

Thanks for giving us your time, I think I will wrap it up here.
Durga: Thank you as well :smile:

Posted in: #Coffee Room
shalini_goel14 路 May 15, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
Wow Superb raj and durga 馃榿

@raj Very good interview.馃榾The only KYCEan I liked till now here (except mine 馃槈 )

Very good answers durga , you rock. I really liked your idea of "how stuff works" and "World without .." It really makes engineers to think. 馃榿

馃榿 Oye ! its Friday 馃榿

Thank God you spelled my name correctly otherwise you were dead 馃槢.
By the way who is this "Mr Anurag" ?

Very very glad to find some one here wished to meet me ever 馃榿 though I never wished to meet you durga. 馃槢
rishna 路 May 15, 2009
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Well said answers Durga, good questions as well.
Your bluetooth idea is very creative, do include a functionality to invite people by selecting a list of contacts馃槈
silverscorpion 路 May 15, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
Hmm, Sudoku champion?? Sounds cool!! 馃榾
Care to share some Sudoku tips??

nice to know more about you, Durga.

Good questions Raj.

enjoyed it.. thanks!!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 May 15, 2009
Rank A1 - PRO
Super 馃榿 Way to go!
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya 路 May 15, 2009
Rank A1 - PRO
Wow Superb Interview there Durga

Congrates to both of you Raj and Durga..

Your home with bluetooth ... Smart Home..

slashfear 路 May 15, 2009
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Nice interview Raj 馃榿

Kool answers Durga awesome buddy!!! Nice to know about you;-)

The part i like is About the cartoon character nice!! I love Dexter, now badly missing it

gohm 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
great read, thanks Durga & Patty!
Anil Jain
Anil Jain 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A2 - PRO
Cool Interview... Good questions and answers.

nice job Patty !!

Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A2 - PRO
Interesting interview 馃榾

You like astronomical stuff eh? Then check out Celestia -> Celestia: Home

Awesome software!
raj87verma88 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
Interesting interview 馃榾

You like astronomical stuff eh? Then check out Celestia -> Celestia: Home

Awesome software!
Are you advertising external links?馃槖
Please do not do this sir, or it may lead to a permanent ban of your account.馃槢
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A2 - PRO
The mock would work better if you werent a mod yourself 馃槈
durga ch
durga ch 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A2 - PRO
Disclaimer: Sorry All. I have been missing since long

Thanks All.
@ Shalini: he he!! I always like to know by face rather than just a virtual user ID 馃榾
@SS: not a champion.. I like kakuro more than sudoku.. you can play with numbers just like that!!! 馃榿
@ ash!! thanks.. I bought this book of Atlas of universe which has the celestrial maps as well. I never went downa beach and assembled them to watch though!! will do it soon 馃榾

Raj, Thanks for doing the session and posting it!!! 馃榿
shalini_goel14 路 May 16, 2009
Rank A3 - PRO
@ Shalini: he he!! I always like to know by face rather than just a virtual user ID 馃榾
You can know me by face through yahoo IM 馃榿 though I prefer to keep my identity as a secret. :sshhh:
Saandeep Sreerambatla
Saandeep Sreerambatla 路 May 18, 2009
Rank A2 - PRO
Good Interview Durga and Patty
Anoop Mathew
Anoop Mathew 路 May 11, 2014
Rank A3 - PRO
Something that caught my search! Great interview!

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