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I need your help..i am doing BE(ece),i finished my first year with 9.2 gpa..then entered into our my mind there is only one thing that came into my mind without my knowledge..since i got some good gpa in first year and stood in top students list...unknowingly i dont know whether i am enjoying my success or something else .."yeah just take it light and enjoy the engineering life however you will get good gpa in the end because your are in top students list however you can study in the end also...."the final result is i did not write my exams well not even gained grip in my i am feeling ashamed as why i have wasted my time all this sem enjoying and not gaining knowledge..i felt demotivated interest levels to learn new things has gone down because of that...sir i decided to not to repeat the same mistake in next semester ..for this to happen i want your heart to talk with me and your words inspire me... plz motivate me with your suggestions and make me to know my duty..looking forward to hear from you..


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
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    9.2 GPA 😲 !

    Looks like you've high expectations from yourself; which is a good thing. You've wasted your time - and you can't do a thing about it now. All you can do is utilize your time effectively. Frankly speaking I'd not give much importance to GPA. Focus more on learning the theory and start applying it to solve the problems that you notice around you. That's where you'll learn 'real' engineering. If you like engineering, you will automatically score well; because you won't have to mug up the topics and then try hard to reproduce them in exam hall. The whole process will be natural.

    know the meaning of engineering and my duties to perform
    Bah! I don't know. That question sounds more like a philosophy question. I'd just find my joy in applying the knowledge I've gained to solve the problem. But people fail to 'find' the problems in first place.
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    thanks ..biggie

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