“MAGIC:Multi tArget Graphical user InterfaCe”

MAGIC:Multi tArget Graphical user InterfaCe
[h=1]Problem Statement:[/h]The system consists of a editor, parser for translating MAGIC script (similar to the XML language) into specified target language, which may be Java, C , or C#. The system must be expandable for inclusion of new languages also.

[h=1]Abstract:[/h]To work with a system, the users need to be able to control the system and assess the state of the system. Graphical user interfaces (GUI) accept input via devices such as computer keyboard and mouse and provide articulated output on the computer monitor. Magic Script develop by using XML tags so it’s similar to the XML language which is very easy to write and operate and easily understandable. In magic editor we can write this magic file having extension magic. If any syntax error occurs during writing of the magic script then it shows the error and once file is completed with error free by using convert option we get wizard having three option to convert this file into respective language by choosing the language. By the other way if our file is save already then directly open wizard select the file then going to next wizard choose the language in which we want to convert the file then choose the location where we want to save the target file and then finish we get the message of successfully converted and the file get converted. By using this conversion we reduce the burden of the user minds to learn more languages.

Previous Options:
There are some converters available in the market which converts one language into other language but not a single language which generate different language for different platform.
Proposed Solution:
We plan to design a simple user language MAGIC script (which is similar to XML language) with easy to understand constructs for designing a user interface. But, of course the user will not like only the GUI to be in a language other than the language in which he is developing an application. To overcome this issue we plan to implement a parser, to be written in .NET, which will convert this MAGIC script into a target language such as Java, C, C#. The system must be expandable for inclusion of new languages also.
[h=2][/h][h=2]Scope:[/h]1. The first and the foremost benefit of using MAGIC is the write once and compile it to any required language implementation approach. We write the input as a MAGIC script and can get output in C, Java , C #.
2. The script makes it easier for the developers to develop the code in multiple languages. MAGIC script also helps to reduce the development time as the input to output ration is around 1/3.
3. In this way you don’t have to remember programming constructs for 2-3 other languages. This take off the burden from programmers mind.

We form the editor for MAGIC script which is similar to the .NET editor. That editor is form into .Net platform.
Error checker:
The parser has been implemented using .NET. It detects all the tokens described in MAGIC Script. It also checks for parsing errors.
Then a call is made to a function written in the referenced class based on which property or event is mentioned for that control. The code for the same is written in the output file by the called function.
Language: .NET, C#.

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