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@nilesh apte • 29 May, 2012
Hello everyone,

My name is NILESH APTE, pursuing my degree in structural engineering from VJTI mumbai, I m in my 2nd year now and I have to start with my project work from next month onwards, so , i kindly request all the members, friends and my seniors, to kindly suggest me a very good dissertation topic in the analysis field, it must be innovative and if of the members are doing Ph.D in any analysis field in structural engineering, then i would like to talk with them and complete my dissertation under them...........
Hope my request will be obliged, and i will be waiting for your valuable support

thank you

Nilesh Apte
@EricLKelly • 03 Jun, 2014 Dear friend it is very important project that writing dissertation on the analysis field in structural engineering. Better you go for any approved dissertation writing service from online. They can suggest better dissertation topics.
@Ashley Sewell • 05 May, 2017 All you need is to visit different dissertation journals related websites to view different samples written by previous dissertation writers, students or researchers. There you need to list all topics that are related to your field and then you can create a unique topic following all those topics. However, there are some dissertation writing services that can also guide you by providing a list of free dissertation topics.

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