M.Tech Industrial / Engineering Mangement

Hi Friends,
Here's seeking some advice and wisdom. I have done E&C Engr and have 2yrs work ex in MNC. Now, I want to do M.Tech in Industrial / Engineering Management. Scoring well in GATE Feb 2009, may not be possible for me now, as due to work pressure I am unable to devote time for studies. Can u suggest some colleges which has this course and accepts students w/o GATE score as well. I know, Manipal Inst. of Tech does, but i want to know some more colleges as well.
Plz do help me in this regard.



  • Biplab_Basak
    M.Tech (Industrial Engineering & Management) @ West Bengal University of Technology.
    18 seats
  • hiavinash
    The Institution of Engineers(India) has a self study model for M Tech. Total 11 paers+thesis+project. One can appear upto three papers every semester. Degree awarded by BITS Ranchi. Details at ieindia.org.
  • asish_om
    Dear Bisla,

    I would like to know where you have joined for the above course.

    I am also pretty much in your situation. Working in MNC + ECE Graduate. If you dont mind please send a mail to regarding the details.

    Thanks a lot..!!

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