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@JAY CYRIL LONGTON • 27 Sep, 2015 • 3 likes
doing M.E. in construction engineering and management.. can anyone list out any project ideas which i can relate to construction management??
@Ankita Katdare • 27 Sep, 2015 There are hundreds of good ideas floating around. Could you please share the specific subject or topic that you are concentrating on? It's difficult to share ideas out of the blue without knowing what your skills or interests are.
@mani kandan • 09 Jul, 2018

Repair and rehablitation of rcc structures. 

@Selva kumar • 01 Dec, 2018

Project titel for ME construction engg and management

@Rishabh Ghatge • 26 Jun, 2019

Wow. There should be a huge list of Project Ideas for Construction Engineering and Management:

  1. Effect of Construction Project Performance on Economic Development
  2. Causes and Effects of Delays and Disruptions in Construction Projects
  3. Effect of basic motivational factors on construction workforce productivity
  4. Evaluating the Impact and Barriers for De-Risking Strategies
  5. Effective Resource Budgeting as a Tool for Project Management
  6. Development of a prediction model for Cost Overruns in Construction Projects
  7. Delay Management ina Construction Management
  8. Using Advance Methods and Replacement materials in reducing the Cost of Construction.
  9. Prediction of Cost Overruns using Artificial Intelligence
  10. Development of Smart Village or Smart City
  11. Fast track construction of mega projects
  12. How to schedule the projects realistically.
  13. Engineering economy and life cycle cost analysis
  14. Ethical Issues in Engineering and Construction
  15. Estimates and discussion of world/nation/state water supply, housing or electricity
  16. Finance and politics in mega projects or national planning
  17. Five-year and ten-year plans for national growth
  18. Industrial development in developing countries
  19. Influence of engineering on national business and growth

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