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ElizabethDrawin • Feb 2, 2009

Looking for New Office

My name is Cameron Sharpe CEO of . I am running a dating website. Am planning to open a back office in India and looking out for some good space with fully furnished office. I came to know about India from my members and friends so looking forward to find new place in India. If you have any information and want to share with me.

My email id is
I welcome you to visit my website at

Differential • Feb 2, 2009
Hi Cameron, welcome to the forum!
India is one of the leading countries in the field of Information Technology with many MNCs having their offices here.
Here are some of the IT cities in India that I know of, their brief description and their wekipedia links.

1) Mumbai: Known as financial capital of India. Is a capital of Maharashtra State.
Mumbai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2) Bengaluru (Also known as Bangalore): Biggest IT City in India. Capital of Karnataka State
Bangalore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3) Pune: IT City
Pune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4) Hydrabad: IT City. Capital of Andhra Pradesh State.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5) New Delhi: Capital of India.
New Delhi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
silverscorpion • Feb 2, 2009
Then I'd also like you to consider Chennai.

Chennai - One of the fastest growing cities in India
gohm • Feb 2, 2009
I would suggest sourcing a commercial R.E. agent or firm...

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