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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 4, 2012

London Olympic Stadium - Discussions

Just stumbled upon this picture of the upcoming London Olympic stadium on Wikipedia. Olympic_Stadium_London_design

I'm wondering whether all the stadiums are constructed that way or there's something special about this construction? Civil Engineers, please inform 😀
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Feb 6, 2012
A good article is written by our fellow CEan-CivilPrincess on VoiCE covering all major information about this stadium's construction -

I personally think it is going to be spectacular. 😒
CIVILPRINCESS • Feb 26, 2012
Apart from the stadium we also have the cable car construction (the cable car will cross river Thames) which will attract the attention.

Check out this article:
Feather • May 6, 2012
The structure is amazing. It has two tiers. The lower one is the permanent one and has a capacity of 25,000 people. Whereas, the upper one is temporary and can add up to 55,000 more people whose seats are dismantle-able.
There are many green features also. Like, the roof is built from PVC instead of steel or concrete and the use of lightweight steel and provision for rain water collection is done.

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