• Emirates is one of the fastest growing country in Infrastructure. Now they are concentrating more about the tourism of country. There are many creative and innovative projects are proposed as well as constructed. Even they are the one who holding the tag of Tallest building in the world. Now it is an another Amazing project designed by Deep Ocean Technology. It is a poland Based company which proposed the Saucer Spaceship kind of hotel under the sea water. Its nearly 60ft under the Sea Level.130821132921-underwater-hotels-the-discus-dubai-620xbarticle-2138828-12E6A6D0000005DC-987_964x639130821132921-underwater-hotels-the-discus-dubai-620xbarticle-2138828-12E6A6D0000005DC-987_964x639article-2138828-12E6A6ED000005DC-172_964x720article-2138828-12E6A662000005DC-268_964x472
    How do you feel when you are Living with fish & Sleeping with fish?.
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