Live in a City? Read this!

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Living in a city means even you are responsible for it. Right?


  • Karishma Manwani
    Karishma Manwani
    Yes we surely are responsible for it.
    It is always good to stay in a developed city but at the same time it is so true that we love being in jungles amongst Nature more.
    It is thus our responsibility to save guard that beauty of Mother Nature
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# - would really appreciate your comments in this thread.
  • lal
    We are losing that balance quite fast. I wonder how much more time shall it take for me, you and us all to understand we are killing nature, and without nature there is no us!

    I read some where that an Ice age is on its way. The article says every 20,000 years, an Ice age hits earth. It again says we are right now in that 20,000 mark.

    ps: Thanks biggie, so the tagging works.
  • Karishma Manwani
    Karishma Manwani
    But then even if awareness is there, people don't want to do anything. It is not that we are ignorant but we are just happy sitting on the couch and discussing things.
  • lal
    I can't totally agree to that. People aren't sitting lazy. They(we) are killing nature to make money. They(we) are always on the move, to fill the pockets - by killing nature. And, probably we really don't know that if nature dies, we die too. And, again we probably don't know that no one has a luxurious death, no matter how much wealth one has.

    Humans are almost always late. We act in the last moment when things start getting out of control. Apparently we even have a proverb, 'better late than never'. But, the fact is, once you are late there is no going back.

    Chances once missed, seldom return!

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