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List of student exchange programs for Indian engineering students

Question asked by Amit Jha in #Coffee Room on Jan 9, 2018
Amit Jha
Amit Jha · Jan 9, 2018
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Apart from having a proper coursework, an engineering student requires various kind of experiences which later gives their profile an edge while going out for higher education. One such experience comes from being a part of an undergraduate student exchange program. Various student exchange programs which are prevalent across the institutions allow students to have a balanced coursework and technical know-how about the field of their interest. It's like reading about a device and also working on it in the next semester. However, many of our Indian institutions lack these programs and try to compensate for it via organizing some workshops. Some have also allowed their students to arrange for a self-funded visit to certain research institution/laboratory. To my knowledge, there are only a few institutes which have a well-established student exchange programs. Some of them are as follows -

1. Indian Institute of Technology -
Most of the IIT's have an active body which controls different student exchange programs. Top tier IIT's like IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, and IIT Kharagpur have an active relationship with several institutions from Australia, USA, Canada, etc. One of my friend who is in IIT Kharagpur has been a part of such a program.This is the link which I found on their official website which gives detail about their associations and tie-ups with other international universities. Some of the noted ones which I found on their list are - Purdue University, University of Toronto, etc.

2. National Institute of Technology-NIT-
NIT offers student exchange programs for students who excel during their undergraduate coursework to pursue a part of their curriculum in IIT's. However, it is not in the light that whether 4 - year B.Tech students are entitled to such opportunities as only dual degree 5-year B.Tech + M.S students have been a part of such programs.

3. Indo-US Science and Technology Forum -
IUSSTF is an organization that allows meritorious undergraduate Indian students to carry out a research internship in the US while being enrolled in their academic 4- year engineering curriculum. The partner university includes - the University of Southern California(USC) - Viterbi School of Engineering and many students who are selected for this internships get absorbed as Masters or Ph.D. students in the USC. This is the link to the IUSSTF page

There are several programs which are not highlighted here. Some are even outside the domain of our knowledge. It is my request to all Crazy Engineers to come and participate in this discussion and make it rich by sharing student exchange programs which are active in their institutes, which they have been part of or which they know about. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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