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Debate Topics Collection

(All these topics have been discussed on CE over the span of last 5 years)

Have a look:

  1. Is BE+MBA a better saleable combination today? | CrazyEngineers
  2. Is GEN Y losing touch with their parents? | CrazyEngineers
  3. Why Men Lie and Why Women Cry? | CrazyEngineers
  4. Why is Women Cricket not so popular? | CrazyEngineers
  5. Debate: Is cricket overtaking other sports? | CrazyEngineers
  6. Does advertising influence our lives? | CrazyEngineers
  7. Should social networking sites be banned in offices & colleges? | CrazyEngineers
  8. Should there be a dress code in colleges or at workplaces? | CrazyEngineers
  9. Nuclear family or Joint family? | CrazyEngineers
  10. Do Engineers need management degree? | CrazyEngineers
  11. TRP, SMS voting, Reality shows - fake or real? | CrazyEngineers
  12. Nothing is good or bad-our thinking makes it so | CrazyEngineers
  13. Do you think we'll be completely paperless by 2050? | CrazyEngineers
  14. Need Vs Want - what takes more money out of your pocket? | CrazyEngineers
  15. Is it okay to swtich jobs just for the heck of more money? | CrazyEngineers
  16. Should there be a notice period for employees who resigned? | CrazyEngineers
  17. Can entrepreneurship be taught in classrooms? | CrazyEngineers
  18. Do we have to call MBAs as Professionals? | CrazyEngineers
  19. Do employees feel that they are a part of 'family'? | CrazyEngineers
  20. Reservation in educational systems?Do we need it? | CrazyEngineers
  21. IT Job - Is it really worth the money it pays? | CrazyEngineers
  22. Should there be a ban on reality shows or not? | CrazyEngineers
  23. I was born intelligent, but education ruined me. | CrazyEngineers
  24. Aliens- Exist or not? | CrazyEngineers
  25. Should human cloning be legalized | CrazyEngineers
  26. Can war be a solution to terror? | CrazyEngineers
  27. Is honesty still the best policy? | CrazyEngineers
  28. Should developing countries invest in space missions? | CrazyEngineers
  29. File sharing websites - Good Or Bad? | CrazyEngineers
  30. Do media reporters / journalists aid the terrorists? | CrazyEngineers
  31. World Recsssion: A planned terrorist activity? | CrazyEngineers
  32. Group discussion : India or west, which is the land of oppurtunities? | CrazyEngineers
  33. Should independence day be a national *holiday*? | CrazyEngineers
  34. Are we messing up with the nature? | CrazyEngineers
  35. Email: Plain Text Vs. HTML : Which one is better? | CrazyEngineers
  36. Is it okay to disclose your salary to your colleagues? | CrazyEngineers
  37. Should all employees be treated equally? | CrazyEngineers
  38. Do you think piracy is overraated? | CrazyEngineers
  39. Should engineering colleges advertise placement records to attract potential students | CrazyEngineers
  40. Debate: Are Degrees necessary for being successful? | CrazyEngineers
  41. The Company Hierarchy - is it necessary? | CrazyEngineers
  42. If change is for good - what about job loyalty? | CrazyEngineers
  43. Whether IPL afftects normal cricket? | CrazyEngineers
  44. Wolfram Alpha Vs. Google | CrazyEngineers
  45. Difference between Theft, Software Copyright Infringement, File Sharing and Piracy | CrazyEngineers
  46. Should there be upper age limit for politicians? | CrazyEngineers
  47. Should we vote to illiterate MLA in India? | CrazyEngineers
  48. Is country talent sold at cheaper rates via outsourcing? | CrazyEngineers
  49. Do Gandhian Principles work in real life? | CrazyEngineers
  50. Is astrology a science? | CrazyEngineers
  51. Can a business grow big without being corrupt? | CrazyEngineers
  52. What do you think about teenage parents?? | CrazyEngineers
  53. Should Obama be given Nobel Peace Prize or not? | CrazyEngineers
  54. Do you think summer internships are necessary? | CrazyEngineers
  55. Is IT is the best field for money making for a engineer. | CrazyEngineers
  56. Should a tomato be considered a vegetable or a fruit? | CrazyEngineers
  57. Why didn't Linux succeed as a desktop OS? | CrazyEngineers
  58. Do we really need desktop mail clients? | CrazyEngineers
  59. Are 'Mission Statements' necessary? | CrazyEngineers
  60. Is Roger Federer is the best tennis player in the modern era? | CrazyEngineers
  61. Blogging Vs. Microblogging | CrazyEngineers
  62. Social Networking Sites - Boon Or Bane | CrazyEngineers
  63. Should people be made to pay for the news? | CrazyEngineers
  64. Should university students be required to attend classed? | CrazyEngineers
  65. Do we really need Twitter? | CrazyEngineers
  66. MBA - Desire or Fad? | CrazyEngineers
  67. Has technology made the world a better place to live? | CrazyEngineers
  68. Do we really need non-latin Internet domain names? | CrazyEngineers
  69. Is your salary an indication of your self worth? | CrazyEngineers
  70. Can we make engineering sexy? | CrazyEngineers
  71. Do we really need desktop mail clients? | CrazyEngineers
  72. Can computers replace teachers? | CrazyEngineers
  73. Is it okay to call Employees As 'Resources'? | CrazyEngineers
  74. Performance Appraisals - Do we need them? | CrazyEngineers
  75. It is impossible to eradicate corruption in the country. True or False? | CrazyEngineers
  76. should class attendence be mandatory? | CrazyEngineers
  77. Is Publicly Displaying Your Photos On Social Networks Okay? | CrazyEngineers
  78. Should there be Wikileaks in India? | CrazyEngineers
  79. Backward class reservation: Is it needed still ? | CrazyEngineers
  80. Google is spoiling creativity and the ability to think? | CrazyEngineers
  81. What's The Ultimate In Communication? | CrazyEngineers
  82. Social Networking Sites Killing Email - True or False? | CrazyEngineers
  83. Does Facebook consume lot of your productive time? | CrazyEngineers
  84. Does Education System Assume Everyone Equal? | CrazyEngineers
  85. Entrepreneurs are born vs. made - Debate Reloaded | CrazyEngineers
  86. Is Online Privacy A Big Deal In Today's Times? | CrazyEngineers
  87. Is Government Ban On Social Networking Sites Justified? | CrazyEngineers
  88. Is Group Discussion an effective method of selecting candidates in corporate? | CrazyEngineers
  89. Should Yahoo Invest More In Building Great Software Than Advertising? | CrazyEngineers
  90. Is Pure Mathematics dying a slow death in India? | CrazyEngineers
  91. Should Every Currency Have Unique Symbol? | CrazyEngineers
  92. Should engineering drawing be taught to every engineering student? | CrazyEngineers
  93. Is it OK to open blocked sites in college/office? | CrazyEngineers
  94. Does "Ahimsa" work in modern times? | CrazyEngineers
  95. Can passions change? | CrazyEngineers
  96. Workshops on Aptitute Development - Are those really worth it? | CrazyEngineers
  97. Do you think we are responsible for the world economic recession? | CrazyEngineers
  98. Is the recession over? | CrazyEngineers
  99. Keeping all your data in cloud - is that smart? | CrazyEngineers
  100. CAT 2009 Disaster: Isn't it management failure? | CrazyEngineers
  101. Are newspapers dying? | CrazyEngineers
  102. Higher education india or abroad?? | CrazyEngineers
  103. "Does MBA kill entrepreneurial spirit?" | CrazyEngineers
  104. Should students be burdened with the pressure of board exams? | CrazyEngineers
  105. Do we really need BE/BTECH to do ME/MTECH and why ? | CrazyEngineers
  106. Can Personality be developed? | CrazyEngineers
  107. Do we really need cheer-leaders at Sport Events? | CrazyEngineers
  108. Do Employees Enjoy Corporate Politics? | CrazyEngineers
  109. Lamp in our house, but giving light to the neighbours. Is it justified? | CrazyEngineers
  110. How far is dependency good? | CrazyEngineers
  111. Will Google Me Be Successful? | CrazyEngineers
  112. Do marks define the capability of a student? | CrazyEngineers
  113. It's good to have a girlfriend or not ? | CrazyEngineers
  114. Will the era of WristWatches end? | CrazyEngineers
  115. How true is the proverb " Too many cooks spoil the cake"? | CrazyEngineers
  116. Will Physical Books be gone in 5 years? | CrazyEngineers
  117. Do you think machines are slowly gaining control over mankind? | CrazyEngineers
  118. Is There Any Room For Innovation On The Internet? | CrazyEngineers
  119. Ragging In Engineering Colleges: Do we really need to ban it? | CrazyEngineers
  120. Moral Search Engines: Do we need them? | CrazyEngineers
  121. Is it fair to say that LINUX OS is 100% secure. | CrazyEngineers
  122. Is China a threat to India? | CrazyEngineers
  123. Do women make better teachers than men? | CrazyEngineers
  124. Is English is necessary to get developed | CrazyEngineers
  125. IITs, Innovation & Their Contribution To Indian Technology Scene | CrazyEngineers
  126. Do you think Indian engineering education system needs an upgrade? | CrazyEngineers
  127. Firefox Vs. Chrome Vs. Opera Vs. IE Battle | CrazyEngineers
  128. Should Wikipedia Have Ads To Sustain Itself? | CrazyEngineers
  129. Youth Participation In Politics - Will it change anything? | CrazyEngineers
  130. Is it safe to upload photos on the Social Networking Sites? | CrazyEngineers
@ISHAN TOPRE • 01 Jan, 2011 Nice work.I am sure there will be good responses😁
@cooltwins • 02 Jan, 2011 whoa! thats quite a huge list 😀
@Reya • 02 Jan, 2011 Good job😀Now its easy for us to have a look at it😀
@Ankita Katdare • 04 Jan, 2011 A lot of old debate topics were very good ones.

You can still put your opinions on them.
(I see a lot of debate masterminds on CE. 😀 )
@Manashree Thokal • 11 Jan, 2011 What a collection!
@imgopi • 14 May, 2011 Very useful information friend,

Thanks a lot.......
@Harshad Italiya • 14 May, 2011 Mega List. Need to update it. 😁
@Vivien.hugo • 24 Feb, 2012 A long list! It must take times to do this. It's pity that these old topics are new to me since I'm a new member.
@Dancer_Engineer • 24 Feb, 2012
A long list! It must take times to do this. It's pity that these old topics are new to me since I'm a new member.
Never mind. You can always post your opinion on any of these Debate topics. 😀
@Ankita Katdare • 03 Mar, 2012 • 1 like This thread has more than 11,000 views but very few replies on the on-going debates. Y U NO go up there and shout your thoughts?
@SHIVAJIKARNATAKA • 20 Aug, 2012 realy nice work
@Ankita Katdare • 22 Jan, 2014 Alright. I think this list needs an update. Have made this post sticky.
I will edit the first post with names of debate topics and add the best viewed and commented debate topics to this list.

Do share the list with your friends, peepul!
@Ankita Katdare • 22 Jan, 2014 Looks like the links in the first post all point to the old forum format, which is no longer used. I will update the posts with titles and links.
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 18 Apr, 2014 Thanks for this awesome collection @Ankita Katdare
@Ankita Katdare • 18 Apr, 2014 Thanks. I am still in the process of updating all the discussions to new URLs. 😀 Will complete it in next week.
@Ankita Katdare • 17 Nov, 2015 Here are some more I recently came across:
  1. Is animal testing for medicinal drugs justified?
  2. Is media censorship effective?
  3. Is peer pressure harmful or beneficial to individuals?
  4. Is it worth going after nuclear energy as alternative source?
  5. Is competition good in our education system?
  6. What would you rather be : honest and poor or dishonest and rich?
  7. Is job hopping a good practice?
  8. Social Media Marketing - Is it a lost cause?
  9. Is dictatorship bad when the solution proposed is for betterment of society?
  10. Will self-driving cars become a necessity in future?
  11. Challenging the present technology to redesign and reuse the past technology?
  12. Free Basics By Facebook Vs. Net Neutrality
  13. Is buying medicines online a good or a bad idea?
  14. Are engineers solving problems or just creating new ones?
  15. Will the machines kill us eventually?
  16. Can India Progress Without Adapting English Language?
  17. The 'Earth Hour' Debate - To Follow Or Not To Follow
  18. Is eCommerce Killing Retail Stores and Malls?
@Ankita Katdare • 15 Jan, 2016 @Rucha Wankhede Could you share a list of debate topics that you think should be included in this list? The more the merrier.
@Ankita Katdare • 15 Jan, 2016 Just completed editing the first list to reflect all the important topics we discussed in earlier years. Here is a short list of debate topics discussed in 2015 -

  1. Is it okay to swtich jobs just for the heck of more money? | CrazyEngineers
  2. Net Neutrality - Good or Bad? | CrazyEngineers
  3. Should Twitter Get Rid Of 140 Characters Limit? | CrazyEngineers
  4. Are IITs the superior most? | CrazyEngineers
  5. Internet was supposed to reduce waste of time - Is it working? | CrazyEngineers
  6. How important are team events ? | CrazyEngineers
  7. Challenging the present technology to redesign and reuse the past technology! - Why? | CrazyEngineers
  8. Is dictatorship bad when the solution proposed is for betterment of society? | CrazyEngineers
  9. Should Facebook have a 'Dislike' button? | CrazyEngineers
  10. Will self-driving cars become a necessity in future? | CrazyEngineers
  11. Can self-driving cars work in India? | CrazyEngineers
  12. Free Basics By Facebook Vs. Net Neutrality | CrazyEngineers
  13. Is there any Science or Truth in Astrology? | CrazyEngineers
  14. Is buying medicines online a good or a bad idea? | CrazyEngineers
  15. Is the Internet worth saving in India? # Net Neutrality | CrazyEngineers
  16. Are engineers solving problems or just creating new ones? | CrazyEngineers
  17. Will the machines kill us eventually? | CrazyEngineers
  18. Can India Progress Without Adapting English Language? | CrazyEngineers
  19. Can you learn how to learn? - Debate! | CrazyEngineers
  20. 85% of your financial success is due to your personality - Agree or Disagree? | CrazyEngineers
  21. The 'Earth Hour' Debate - To Follow Or Not To Follow | CrazyEngineers
  22. Are online classrooms the future of schools and colleges? | CrazyEngineers
  23. Is eCommerce Killing Retail Stores and Malls? | CrazyEngineers
  24. Are our textbooks and education system in general getting obsolete? | CrazyEngineers
  25. Does industrial development always happen at the cost of environmental degradation? | CrazyEngineers
  26. Buy engineering projects online for final year - Cool or Not? | CrazyEngineers
@Rucha Wankhede • 15 Jan, 2016 • 1 like Hey, Ankita
some topics I thought might help-
Will come up with more, and post soon.
*Is poor Research output and environment from our country the reason for our backwardness on international scene?
*Capitalism 101 under the garb of philanthropy- is it truly justified? #Free basics
*Uniform civil code- should it be implemented?
@Ankita Katdare • 02 May, 2016 Time to update this list. @Debasmita Banerjee @Jash Mota @Ashish Nanda any suggestions of your own?
@Ashish Nanda • 02 May, 2016 • 1 like Would quantum computing be enough in itself or would it still have to work with the legacy processors, as a Qbit in itself isn't measurable.
@Debasmita Banerjee • 02 May, 2016 Before I post my topics, I would like to know if there is any limitation on the type of topics.
@Vipin verma • 30 Jul, 2016 GD topics
Men are for on mars: women are from venus
Brain drain
Yellow is green
Pink lases in my black shoes
Education for politicians
Indo pak relationship
Gene editing - pros and cons
Soft porn movie should be released in India or not
Should be jailed Rubi rai or not.
@Radhika Deshpande • 06 Oct, 2018

Here are some more topics we can have discussion on :

1 .Absolute Success Is Luck. Relative Success Is Hard Work.

2. Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds.

3. How to Stick To Good Habits Every Day.

4. How To Train Your Brain To Think In New Ways.

5. Why Life Always Seems To Get More Complicated.

6. Do We Always Leave Room For The Unexpected?

7. Art Of Continuous Improvement. 

8. Work-Life Balance - Upsides & Downsides.

9. Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More.

10. Does Setting Goals Always Works?

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