• Kaustubh


    MemberOct 19, 2011

    Liquidweb Storm On Demand Pricing Lowers!

    Liquidweb owned Storm On Demand announced something totally awesome today. They are offering free incoming bandwidth and have reduced the hosting charges for the cloud hosting service "StormOnDemand". Here's the press release from Storm On Demand Folks -

    LANSING, Mich.— Storm On Demand (#-Link-Snipped-#), the cloud hosting arm of managed hosting provider Liquid Web (Liquid Web - Managed Hosting & Custom Solutions), is pleased to announce significant reductions to bandwidth pricing for all current and future Storm On Demand customers. Effective today, customers will not pay for any inbound data transfer. In addition, pricing for outbound data transfer has been reduced from $.15/per Gig to $0.05/per Gig. This pricing reduction represents up to 80% savings over the company’s previous pricing structure. Current Storm On Demand customers will see their bandwidth pricing automatically reduced.

    These price reductions are the result of ongoing network improvements including expanded network capacity and the addition of many important new peering partners to Storm On Demand’s already extensive list of peers. Storm On Demand’s network is now peered with Amazon, Google, Akamai, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and many more. These changes are in line with Storm on Demand’s mission to simultaneously improve its networking infrastructure while also reducing costs to customers.

    Storm On Demand remains committed to its unique pay-as-you-go pricing structure that allows users to avoid paying for bandwidth they're not using and keeps them from paying a premium for low usage rates. Most cloud hosting plans feature tiered options that require you to use more than 150TB of bandwidth to attain the cheapest outbound bandwidth pricing. Storm On Demand's bandwidth pricing ensures that all users experience the lowest possible price at all usage levels.

    I endorse Storm On Demand and confirm that they've an awesome support service and an awesome up-time! Go for it!
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