LiquidWeb launches Storm Private Cloud - It's like your own private data center

LiquidWeb* has announced the launch of 'Storm Private Cloud' - a new web hosting product that allows users to create a private cloud. With the Storm Private Cloud, users can create a private parent server and partition it into multiple virtual instances to run variety of operating systems (Windows & Linux on the same server), each with a la carte options that can make them unique in configuration.


It's like owning your own private data centre, with full control of hardware and software. The private cloud is very easy to setup and takes a few clicks - saving you the time and resources to do it all on your own. LiquidWeb claims that the decision to offer Storm Private Cloud service was taken based on the feedback provided by the users. Customers will be able to move the virtual instances between the private and public cloud and have total control over every instance viz. the size of the instance, total memory, storage capacity, number of cores etc. If you're looking to setup a private cloud for your business, do give LiquidWeb a try.

The official PR has been included in the quote -

Liquid Web Releases ‘Storm Private Cloud’

LANSING, Mich.— Liquid Web Inc., a premium web hosting provider with locations in Michigan and Arizona, is announcing the launch of a product it has developed, unique to its own cloud hosting, Storm Platform. ‘Storm Private Cloud’ allows users to purchase a server and, rather than deploying a single large instance, split it into multiple virtual instances, thereby creating a cloud environment of their own.

Storm Private Cloud: #-Link-Snipped-#

Liquid Web claims the development was inspired by direct feedback from their clients requesting the ability build virtually within their own servers. Storm Private Cloud users will be able to move virtual instances between the public and private cloud as well as possess the ability to instantly customize each instance’s size, RAM, disk size, number of cores and more.

Liquid Web CTO, Siena Fath-Azam, on the Development of Storm Private Cloud:

--“Answering our customers’ demands by delivering the ability to deploy customized cloud slices within single servers allows us to offer a level of private cloud functionality we’ve been looking forward to introducing for quite some time."

By developing servers that allow customers to create their own cloud instances, Liquid Web expects its new product will appeal to businesses looking for new ways to partition their separate hosting environments, cloud resellers, developers looking for efficiency and control, as well as anyone interested in cloud hosting with security concerns over the public cloud.
*Disclaimer: LiquidWeb is a sponsor of CrazyEngineers through LiquidWeb Incubation Program.


  • avii
    Does LiquidWeb Incubation Program covers full cost or gives you some discounts?
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Does LiquidWeb Incubation Program covers full cost or gives you some discounts?
    No, not full cost; but a significant part of it.

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