• Mahesh Jagtap

    Mahesh Jagtap

    MemberJul 22, 2011

    Linux training

    Hello friends 😀,
    I have completed my B.E (Computer) this year. I have basic understanding of Linux and am interested in learning more of it. I searched the web for Linux courses and found nothing expect Red Hed certification (RHCE) which is of 2 months. I want good knowledge of Linux which should also help me to get a good job. I have a maximum period of 5 months with me.
    Please help me with my following doubts:
    1. What are the institutions which provide certification/training in Linux(except Red Hat)?
    2. What Linux certificate courses will assist me to get placed in some good IT company?

    Thank you. Have a good time.😀😀😀
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  • vinci

    MemberOct 17, 2011

    red hat certification courses of Linux is beneficial for you .It provides you to become admin after achieving its highest certification
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