linux language development tools

hi friends, i recently got interested in trying 2 build upa neat little programming language. i think the linux tools lex and yacc wd come in handy. do u ceans have any experience regarding this and would care to comment on this?


  • mahul
    hey no one wants 2 talk abt this?? _k at least tell me what u think?? i've tried using lex and this did not seem very tough. this could also be an entry in ur competion that u were talking about.....i doubt if something of this sort has ever come up before...n this site can be the first to host such a thing
  • simple
    building a programming language is no joke. i think you should define your objectives and do a proper study of the scope and feasibility of your language.
    here's a few questions i would like to ask
    1) is it an object oriented language?
    2) will it supports graphics?
    3) what about compiling (or interpreting) your language??

    by the way i will congratulate on your decision to do something new and exciting !!
    c ya!!
  • mahul
    there is no way i'm thinking of an object oriented or a graphics supporting language for that matter simple. it would be too complex and it would be take years for me to finish it all on my own( u see i don't have any one to paticipate with me in this) i'm just thinkng of a very basic language(one like BASIC itself) just 4 fun and a little experience. and yes i intend to build a compiler for this stuff. that is what i build after all.
  • simple
    is this helpful???
    Lex & Yacc
  • mahul
    hey thanxx 4 the link......i'll check this out
  • pradeep_agrawal
    Hi Mahul,

    Check out the link #-Link-Snipped-# for more details on compiler construction (especially on tools lex and yacc).

    I would recommend book O'Reilly - Lex & YACC. I good read for compiler construction.

    I have used some similar tools (JFlex and Cup that generates Java code instead of C code).

    Please let me know if you are stuck somewhere. I am not an expert in it but together we may resolve the problem.

  • mahul
    Thanxx pradeep, i actually lost steam for the thing as no one was interested. maybe now i will find the enthusiasm to start all over again..
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Mahul, Pradeep IS A linux & programming expert! Good to see you on CE, Pradeep!
  • mahul
    Thanks for the update _k, now i shall surely be starting this over again.

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