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Linux - Basic commands and shell scripting

Can anyone help me some proper links to tutorials on Basic terminal commands and shell scripting of Linux? I am new to using Linux and have just got Red Hat Linux 5 installed on my machine.Now please help me learn how to use it
infinus • Dec 23, 2008
check out this link....
Linux Command Directory: Index

and this on too

Linux Commands - A practical reference
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Dec 23, 2008
the following books will help you in etting started with linux:

1. "Linux complete command refrence" compiled by J.Purcell
2. "Linux bible" by Christopher Negus (Wiley publications)
3. "Beginning Linux Programming" by Neil Matthew and Richard Stones

Also, I suggest you take the following quiz to find out which linux distribution is best for you.

Desktop Linux At Home - Distro Selector
zegenie Studios Linux Distribution Chooser
cse_200509 • Jan 4, 2009
hi in addition to these good suggestions, don't forget to go through to this site: Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
Vivek788 • Mar 22, 2009
google would be bombarded with plethora of documents..choose whichever u ur specific doubts.u can learn on the fly..

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