Line 6 AMPLIFi = Guitar Amplifier + Stereo Speakers + Bluetooth

Line 6 (recently acquired by Yamaha Corporation, Japan) - one of the world famous names in guitar amplifier manufacturing has announced "AMPLIFi" - an entirely new kind of a guitar amp that doubles up as a set of stereo speakers. The chassis hosts a powerful speaker behind its reddish mesh and a set of stereo speakers at the top, black section. Line 6 claims that the new design offers a much wider frequency range to the guitarists and inclusion of Bluetooth allows for the speakers to double up as your portable sound system.


However, that's not all for you to get excited about. Line 6 provides a companion app that runs on iPhone and iPad. The app will help you quickly configure the sound-box to match the exact tone of the song you are playing so that mimicking your guitar Gods is easier. The company unveiled AMPLIFi at NAMM 2014 - the show for National Association of Music Merchants, calling it 'the best sounding bluetooth speaker system' ever built.

The AMPLIFi amp will ship in two various configurations: AMPLIFi 75 (75 Watts) & AMPLIFi 150 (150 Watts) - each with a pair of mid-bass drivers and two tweeters along with a dedicated guitar speaker at the bottom. The 5-speaker set will address a much wider range of frequencies than any other regular guitar amp available in the markets. The box allows plugging in 0.25-in instrument input, headphones, USB and a Line 6 FBV Mk II pedal along with a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary.


Using Bluetooth, it's possible to stream media from your existing Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices to the box. When the system functions as a bluetooth speaker set, the guitar speaker will address lower end frequencies. If you want to play along, then the four speakers will play the music and the guitar speaker will play the guitar. The AMPLIFi iOS app will offer 4 presets and the users will be able to configure more - with a choice of 70 amp models, 100 digital effects and 20+ speaker cabinets.

The 75 Watt model is priced at $399, while the 150 Watt model will add the extra thump for just $499. Have a look at the video that shows it all in action. Do not forget to leave your comment below!

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  • Chaitanya Kukde
    Chaitanya Kukde
    It will be interesting to see how guitar community reacts to this launch. An appreciable section of this community actually prefers vacuum tube amplifiers over the new hi-tech solid state amplifiers. Therefore, how well the guitarists receive this amp/stereo speaker, may be imperative in projecting future amp models for companies.

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