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    Chinmay Joshi

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    Lightie: An Amazing Portable & Eco-Friendly Source Of Light

    Light becomes the major necessity especially when you are out on a camping trip and there is no electricity. A South African designer and social entrepreneur Michael Suttner designed a light called Lightie which cost is only $13 and which fits into a standard soda bottle.
    Lightie runs on solar energy, which is a sustainable form of energy and also does not cause any harm to the environment. This Lightie was specially designed for the low income families. People especially living in Africa are found using kerosene lamps, which becomes very expensive for below poverty level families and also the fumes generated from it are very harmful for the environment and are very risky to use because it may lead to accidental fires. It is designed so perfectly that it get into the bottle neck very easily and if you don’t have a bottle then it can also be clipped to a belt, worn around the neck and can also be hung up as a lantern.

    lightie_1 lightie_2

    It consist of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) photovoltaic panel as major component along with LED light, and integrated rechargeable batteries. If Lightie is exposed to sunlight for 5 to 8 hours then it can be used as a source of light upto 3 hours at 300 lumens, or upto 8 hours at 120 lumens. No need to press any button to charge it, it automatically starts charging when it is exposed to sunlight.

    This is an amazing invention and it will be very useful for low income families in India as well. What do you think of this amazing invention? Share your views with us in comments below.

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