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@jack Verma • 23 Apr, 2009
hi guys
i am doing B.s.marine engineering from tolani maritime institute and i want to know the life of the ship engineers are this kind of job are very painful and frustrated.
i discuss to some people and they say your marriage life can't be successful
plz reply who are in same kind of job.😕
@sauravgoswami • 23 Apr, 2009 Really speaking I envy marine engineers,whne they are in ship they get good compensation,and if they are in ship 6months they get a 6 months off with full salary,they also get a chance to travle to far off places and get benefits of duties,they got a adventorous life and can spend more time with family compare to others!!!!
@gohm • 23 Apr, 2009 I can make having relationships difficult, however many merchant marine employees have very successful relationships, it all depends on you. Same goes for the military, truckers, oil field workers, commercial fishing and many other occupations that require one to be away from home for periods.
@jack Verma • 24 Apr, 2009 thanks buddies for rply😛
@jack Verma • 24 Apr, 2009 what about marine eng marriage life.pls rply soon😁
@sauravgoswami • 24 Apr, 2009 Ask a marine engineer,i wonder he has a life out of marriage too
@arunhero99 • 24 Apr, 2009 I think marine engineers are lucky guys having multiple relations, on shore and off shore. 😉

Hope you don't get stuck in a submarine or an offshore rig. then you are screwed.
@raj87verma88 • 24 Apr, 2009
what about marine eng marriage life.pls rply soon😁
I think you have already got your answer. Read Gohm's answer above.

P.S. Refrain from using SMS text.
@jack Verma • 24 Apr, 2009 thanks for rply
if any marine eng is online pls tell me if i sail for 6 months with salary then the holly day of 4 months is without any pay????????????😕 pls rply.
@jack Verma • 05 May, 2009 Is marine engineering is better then the other branches of eng & it provides guaranteed jobs?
Reply Soon.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 05 May, 2009 There is no comparison/competition among engineering disciplines.
@jack Verma • 05 May, 2009 ok ok no competition no comparison but at least tell me marine engineering gives a good job opportunity or not??
@arin259 • 12 Jun, 2009 Im a marine engineer nd dude I say marine rocks..only nd only if u dnt fall n luv..nd if u succeed n nt getng n2 a relatn den ul b d king of d world...dats d key 2 success..
@raj87verma88 • 12 Jun, 2009
Im a marine engineer nd dude I say marine rocks..only nd only if u dnt fall n luv..nd if u succeed n nt getng n2 a relatn den ul b d king of d world...dats d key 2 success..
Well, we have 4 key to success in the forum. Two of them are:
1) Properly formatted posts
2) Complete words. No SMS text.
@jack Verma • 12 Jun, 2009 hey arin259 ,thanks budy for rply but can you please tell me if i sail for 6 months with salary then what bout the other 6 months, is it without any pay???😕 rply soon
@inform • 20 Jul, 2009
ok ok no competition no comparison but at least tell me marine engineering gives a good job opportunity or not??
one can't say anything about that in day-today scenario.
@jhbalaji • 26 Jul, 2009 Hope Marine Engineering is Good One..
You will have adventurous life both in land and see. You have Trilling times all in your life which makes life interesting buddy....
@algasanchorage • 13 Aug, 2009 Life onboard depends on people you meet. Meet rubbish people and your life would be worst than in hell for your whole duration onboard.

Meet nice people and you would really be enjoying the work onboard. And thats extremely true.

2 kinds of crew inside the engine room. Engineers and Engine ratings.

Ratings include:
Engine Cadets,Greasers,Welders etc

Engineers include:
Chief,2nd,3rd,4th,5th and Electrical Engineers

Your life onboard would revolve around work,eat,sleep,tv,exercises(depends on availability) and occasional shore leave. Do not expect shoreleave everytime the ship reaches a port. It depends on your C/E.

Ranks below 2nd Engineers does whatever is being ordered by him because he is incharge of engine room with Chief Engineer overlooking everything.

C/E duties
overseeing everything. getting instructions and information from captain

Incharge of engine crew. In charge of machineries like Main Engine, Referigeration systems, Fuel treatment systems etc.

Incharge of boilers,generators

Incharge of air compressors, bilge level, pumps. Occasionally electrical systems if electrical engineer is not available onboard

Learning how to be an engineer

As suggested. Welding

Assisting Engineers on watch. Cleaning etc. Basically they are formally cadets who never took engineers license.

Do whatever thrown at you. Ranging from cleaning jobs to assisting in repairs.

If you are joining as cadet, I would suggest to be humble onboard. Learning from textbooks and doing something in actual is totally different. If u need more advices regarding what kind of stuff to bring onboard as a cadet, feel free to send me a message.
@BPengcad • 13 Oct, 2009 I'm just starting out as a marine engineer, i work for BP and we do between 2 and a half and 3 months on the ship, theoretically!, and then around 2 months off. For the senior engineers, eg. 2nd and Chief, they work on a back to back basis. Meaning, for example, two Chief Engineers work back to back, one does three months while the other is at home for three, then switch. You get the same pay packet each month regardless of being at sea or at home.

Cheers, Chris
@jayaganegh • 07 Sep, 2010 hi guy
i am also doing B.S marine engg from BITS OFF CAMPUS in madurai (T.N) life in ship
is somewhat difficult in ship while joining as deck cadet and we can also enjoy and
get more knowledge which deponds on senior engineers .you can also marriage
but you should not go for sail and try to achieve your goal before marriage .
if you go for sailing after marriage it will be a discomfort for yours, ur wife and
it will create a problem in your family. u can discuss with ur other marine friends
and take ur oun dacision.thank u have a good future.
@jayaganegh • 07 Sep, 2010 off shore salary will deponds on the company(i.e.,)some will give salary and some company will not give salary
@jayaganegh • 07 Sep, 2010 it is excellent job u can earn more money.

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