LG Optimus Vu Price In India Is Rs. 34,500

LG had announced the Optimus Vu earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress. The phone has now entered India with a price tag of Rs. 34500. The LG optimus vu will directly compete with Samsung's Galaxy Note II and the original Note as well. While the Galaxy Note II's price in India is Rs. 39990, LG's decided to go for a better price for the phone.

Comparison of LG Optimus Vu & Samsung Galaxy Note II

I found this following comparison chart -

Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 7.49.27 PM

As you can see, the Note II beats LG Optimus Vu in Operating System, Resolution, Processor, RAM, Front Camera resolution, and battery compartments. Here's a video that demonstrates Vu in action -

What I didn't like about this phone is its form factor. The phone almost looks like a square brick and I believe it's not very comfortable to hold it in hands and making calls. I believe the Note II addresses this by being a little compact in size while boasting a bigger screen. What's your take on Optimus Vu? Do you think its price in India is justified?


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