LG G Flex - The 6-inch Curved Smartphone Is Happening, Leaked Images Appear

With the leaked images surfacing, we now know that the curved screen smartphone from LG is very much real. Called the LG G Flex - the smartphone is said to have a curved 6-inch display, which got confirmed after alleged images from press release renders made it to the headline first on Engadget and then other major blogs. After announcing that it has started production of curved smartphone displays, LG's rumoured 'G Flex' curved display smartphone has now surfaced online in the form of press renders. It was only last week that LG had announced #-Link-Snipped-#of the OLED curved display featuring LG G Flex, and as confirmed back then, these images are reassuring that the purported press images leaked now bring a curved screen vertically i.e. from top to bottom.

LG G-Flex may not feature any hardware buttons on the front and on the side edges and there would be just a LG logo appearing at the bottom of the screen. It is also possible that LG has put the Power and Volume rocker keys behind the phone, below the camera lens, similar to the positioning of the keys in the LG G2, the company's latest flagship. LG had also previously confirmed that the new OLED panel will be 0.44mm thin and weigh just 7.2g, even with a 6-inch screen. So, we are definitely sure about the size of the smartphone.


As the reports are floating around, we may really witness the launch of the LG G-Flex smartphone as early as November 2013. But, we are looking forward to more leaks and details about the tech specifications, price and availability of the smartphone till then. It is also important to note that Samsung Electronics has recenty launched the much-anticipated and talked-about gadget in the tech town. Called the#-Link-Snipped-#- the company has pioneered the launch of the world's first Full HD Super AMOLED flexible display bearing smartphone. The highlight of the phone is the subtly curved 1080p 5.7-inch OLED screen built with a 7.9mm profile and the phone overall weighs less than the Note 3, at 154g. The interesting features to note are that if you tilt the phone to the side, the Galaxy Round offers up notifications, battery levels and more at a glance.


We are now eager to see if at all curved display smartphones happen to make their mark with the buyers - who would be the winner? LG or Samsung? Or would there be no fight at all? Let us wait and find out.


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Also to note -

    LG Chem, the chemical divison of the company, has revealed designs of curved batteries for next-generation gadgets. The curved batteries have been in production for some time now.


    LG is also mass producing stepped batteries.
    "Stepped Battery refers to an integral type of a battery in which two batteries are added on top of each other in the shape of 'step design'," the company explains.

    "The battery takes greater advantage of available space within the device than other batteries as it perfectly suits the changing trend of modern IT gadgets of flexible designs.""For example, recent mobile devices have been adopting round shapes and designs with rear buttons creating unnecessary 'dead space' inside the gadget," the company continues. "With Stepped Batteries, the dead space can be filled up to fully power the handset and also increase the battery capacity. In fact, the battery density has increased the capacity by 16% and also the life span by more than 3 hours when applied to the newly launched LG G2."

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