LG Display Brings World's First Quad HD LCD For Smartphones With The Highest Resolution Ever

LG Display has always been bringing innovation and never seen before awesomeness to our screens. Now, it has come up with the world's first Quad HD AH-IPS LCD panel for smartphones that has a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels with 538ppi. That means we just doubled the clarity of the retina displays that have been awing us for some time now. This is the Blu-Ray quality image and video for the mobile devices. This new 5.5-inch Quad HD panel is the highest resolution and ppi (pixel per inch) mobile panel to date. Last year, LG's engineers had introduced the #-Link-Snipped-# and fast forward some months they are here to awe us yet again. And now Dr. Byeong-koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display's IT and Mobile Development Group says, "With this breakthrough, LG Display will continue to raise new standards for mobile resolution and lead the mobile display market."

So how does LG Display's Quad HD panel for smartphones realize such clarity in the images we see on our screens? Now there will be more delicate colors as well as improved contrast and vividness when compared to current mobile displays. In addition, the new Quad HD panel will enable users to enjoy a full view of PC-version web pages at a single glance without image distortion; a contrast to current Full HD displays which only realize 3/4th of a full screen. Also, even when enlarging the screen, users will be able to enjoy undistorted and sharper text.

If your mind hasn't blown already, top the features of this LG display with the fact that the panel is only 1.21mm thin with a 1.2mm bezel measured in LCD modules (LCM), making it both the world's slimmest and narrowest panel, with 12% reduced thickness compared to the company's 5.2-inch Full HD panel released last month. Now even though most of us won't be able to wait till our phones have such awesome quality displays, we have to see the other side of the coin. To push all those pixels, a smartphone or a tablet is going to use up quite a bit of power, both from the battery and the processor.

Since nothing is mentioned in the press release about the effects on the performance of our mobile device once it features such a beautiful screen, we will have to wait and find out. Till then, let us know your reactions about the new extra-ordinary quality LCD in town. We can't wait to read from you.


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    538ppi is somewhat making me go crazy friends.I want to know howmuch battery power would be required to power this display.So the future phones would be so thin as flim?
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    It is obvious that this is the best picture quality you can expect from a mobile or a tab. The battery will be proportionally consumed but also think in this way. The devices using this display will also have a better battery which will be able to sustain more consumption by display. Plus the cost will also boom in this sector.

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