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@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Jan, 2014
LG Electronics, one of the top consumer electronic brands in India has announced a new range of ACs that offer new features like 'Himalaya Cool' and 'Monsoon Comfort'. But to enjoy all those comforts, you need mosquito-free bedroom and these new ACs are equipped with a new technology that drives mosquitoes away. The AC leaves no room for you to complain. Of course the range is 5-star rated and offer up to 53% energy savings.


The air conditioners are loaded with features. The Himalaya Cool technology promises to provide instant cooling and 2x faster vertical air swing. The Mosquito Away technology uses ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitoes and the biggest advantage of this approach is that no chemicals are used. The Monsoon Comfort technology takes care of humid air in the monsoon season.

In addition, there's 4D cooling that helps cooling every corner of the room by circulating air flow in all the directions. The AC comes with the sleep mode in which it adjusts the room temperature during night time, automatically. There's a unique plasmaster ionizer that sterilizes the air and makes it about 99.99% free of bacteria.

The price of the ACs begin at about Rs. 20,000 to about 75,000 based on the model. The consumers can choose from Inverter V ACs, Split ACs, Windows ACs and Hot n Cold Split ACs in various capacities.
@Ankita Katdare • 27 Mar, 2014 This might be a stupid concern, but to keep the AC on you need a closed room. From my experience, there's no room for the mosquitoes to come inside in an AC Room. ☕
Someone please explain the mosquito repellent thing.

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