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  • rishinawani

    MemberJan 3, 2008

    Re: Aeronautical Engineers!

    Hi frnds.....i m an Aeronautical Engg. student from Chennai, INDIA...Manjuresh pointed towards developing our indigenous jet engine in India.....upto my knowledge research r going on towards this but th main problem v r facing is th metallurgy of th turbine blades to sustain such a high temp. India has developed an engine(Kaveri, if i m not wrong) but its performance is not upto th efforts r on to optimise its performance.......hopefully in 2008 India may b able to launch its own jet engine.....

    And as th discussion was going on about aircrafts aftr 5 years or so .....i think aftr 5 to 10 yrs v may observe more developement of pilotless or unmaned aircrafts.....because i thing our aircrafts r getting more dependent on Avionics day by day.......!!
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  • raj87verma88

    MemberApr 10, 2008

    Great idea. Count me in.
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