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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Oct 20, 2015

Leeds Researcher's LCD Eye Lens Is Here - Is It The End of Reading Glasses?

A researcher from the University of Leeds, Devesh Mistry is a postgraduate research student at the School of Physics and Astronomy who is currently developing a new Eye Lens that he says could restore long-sightedness in older people. It is found that people of the age 45 and above need reading glasses because they suffer from presbyopia, a condition that makes their eye lenses lose elasticity and flexibility. As the lens in our eye becomes stiff, the muscles near it begin to contract and now they can't change the shape of the lens for bringing nearby objects into focus.

A prototype of an electrically switchable contact lens

Devesh Mistry's solution needs liquid crystal (aka LCD used in TV monitors, smartphones and tablets), that can make the Eye Lenses adjust and focus depending on the eye muscle movement automatically.

His research is based on developing synthetic replacements for a diseased lens in our eye i.e. intra-ocular lens implants that can bring back normal sight for elderly. The process would involve eye surgeons would making an incision in the cornea. The surgeons will use ultrasound to break down the old lens and then insert the new liquid crystal lens in its place.

The current status of Devesh's research is that he is developing this lens in the lab and hopes to build a fully functional prototype by 2018 end. If all goes well, the liquid crystal lens should be available as a commercial product in next 6-10 years.

The researcher is confident that the new Eye Lens can find application in tacking of cataracts, a disease that results in clouding of natural lenses, thereby seriously affecting proper vision.

What are your thoughts about the new synthetic Eye Lens? Share with us in comments below.

Source: Leeds University

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