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@yazh • 24 Jun, 2008
Hai everyone....
Im new to ths site. I think ive missed ths useful site for 3 years. yeah now i fnd nd joind in ths CE world. And I've entered into my final year ECE. Ive to do project next semester. Can anyone help and guide me? I think to do project on VLSI. Wats the latest topic in VLSI design? 😒😒
@sumith123 • 24 Jun, 2010 Design of an ATP (Any Time Payment) Machine for Electricity Bill Payment Application using VLSI may be new one..
@harinisas • 21 Oct, 2010 Hi friends
i am doing my m-tech (VLSI) 2nd year. i want u
to suggest me latest topic in VLSI for seminar topic......

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