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@Kaustubh Katdare • 29 Sep, 2012 • 1 like
I believe road construction is one of the important topic that falls under the civil engineering department. I decided to search for the latest technologies being used in road constructions these days; but there isn't any direct information available on the Internet, it seems. That gives us an opportunity to discuss what are the latest and the best technological developments being used for the road constructions. I request civil engineering folks here to throw some light on the topic so that all our visiting engineers interested in civil engineering would benefit.

Update: So I read about this new technology developed by Israel that involves changing of soil density by treating it with a special enzyme. The technology allows using existing roads without having to excavate it to fill the underlying layers with asphalt along with selected materials. Would love to hear more thoughts on this as well.
@Ramani Aswath • 29 Sep, 2012 The common method is to Use a mechanical stabilization using a correct mix of various soils and compacting mechanically each layer. This ensures that the there is minimal pore volume and post laying settling. Rubberising the seal coat ensures prevention of water erosion.
We used this concept of rubberised road in the campus in Trivandrum with the help of the Rubber Research Institute at Kottayam. Even after 25 years the roads are doing well with nil maintenance.

Clayey soils tend to swell when wet and shrink when dry. In these type of soils enzyme stabilization helps in increasing wear and performance.

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