Last Minute Interview Preparation Tips & Advice - It is Easy Peasy!

You get a call for an interview and it is scheduled the same day or the very next day. Most people I know are scared to face the interview and always panic on the last minute. I think that there are always some easy tips to remember for last-minute preparation for any kind of interview. Following is some consolidated advice that will be of help to anyone preparing for an interview at the 11th hour.

First of all, you ought to know this that however little time you have, you can surpass other candidates, outshine all the competition by just being confident that you can do it. You actually need very little preparation on the last minute. Here are some of the pointers that you can read if you are about to go face the interviewers in a while.

1. Know about the company. Do the research.

Use the internet to do it. It makes sense to have as much detailed information as possible about the company you are trying to get into. Yep. Check the company's official website through Google and have some basic information at the back of your mind. This information may include -

  1. Name of the company and its top bosses - CEO, Managing Directors, CTO etc. (If possible read an interview of the CEO or someone who is the face of the company)
  2. Know the company's motto or tag line.
  3. Find out the top products and services that the company offers. If there has been a recent launch, new product - you should have some information about it. Check out Media or Press Release section for that.
  4. Why was the company in news recently? (Relevant in some cases)
  5. Recent company merger, acquisition, take-over information

2. Read the Job Description. Know what they are looking for.

A lot of candidates visiting for the interview aren't really well aware of the job and role description that they are applying for. You should always read the job description completely and check the preferred qualifications by the company. Take down in bullet points the required skills they are looking for.
It would be great if you can edit your resume to highlight the points that match the job description.

In case you are the person who likes to rehearse his/her lines, you can start a little exercise of speaking out your skills such that they match their job description. This way, you will feel comfortable about answering the question - "Why should we hire you?"

3. Plan the travel or logistics in advance.

Even if you are super confident that you will reach the interview venue on time, it is important that you think about the road you are taking and leave 15 minutes earlier than expected. This will eliminate the possibility of last-minute hassle and keep you cool and relaxed for the interview.

If it is a video or phone call interview, you can test the place where it will happen. Make sure the room isn't getting external noise. If it is a video call, make sure you have a strong internet connectivity. Adjust the web cam so that your face is properly visible.


^ That is pretty much everything you need to do when you've time in your hands. Once it is actual 5 minutes to the interview, I recommend you take 2-3 long breaths and keep your cool.
It makes sense to talk as slowly as possible and keep your voice clean and clear.

PS: Share these easy tips with your friends who are soon going to face an interview. They might seem obvious to some, but a lot of people can benefit from them.

Lastly, please pour in your questions, suggestions, opinions, tips and advice on interview preparation in replies below!


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