Noe Koury
Noe Koury
Branch Unspecified
15 Feb 2018

Laser engraver

Hi, everyone )
Actually, i'm a freshman here, but i joined with the aim to consult on my project. One of my friends recommended this forum,so i hope you'll be quite clear and manage to help me. So here is my case- i'm going to participate in one project which simply doesnt relate to my field of knowledge, but i made a decision to challenge myself a bit and accepted the proposition. Our team is trying to construct a laser-engraver,we haven't chosen the exact model yet, looked at some 5 Best Laser Engravers Reviews of 2018 - characteristics and usage. First of all need to pick the best option then make some first steps like:1. What materials to work with
2. Etching only, or cutting too?
3. How big are the objects to work with?
What do you think? Are we in the right direction?share your experiences

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