Laptop? Tablet? How about Palmtop?

Now any surface, even uneven ones, can be an interactive keypad>



  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Microsoft unveiled the 'surface' technology long ago. I think these days they're trying to convert any surface into a display.
  • KenJackson
    Vernor Vinge introduced some interesting input options in his novel Us older people could use a keyboard interface on any surface. Younger kids were learning the fidget interface so they could covertly text each other in class by fidgeting. That way it was difficult for teachers to tell if they were texting or really just fidgeting.

    If you don't mind me going OT on this one (we're in the general area, after all), the fidget interface reminded me of the real language that prisoners of war in Vietnam invented to talk to each other as reported in I can't remember exactly, but they called it something like the cough, hack and sneeze language. Respiratory infections were so common that guards couldn't tell if they were chatting with their friends (which was forbidden) or really coughing.

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