Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ
22 Jun 2008

Kung Fu Panda- Reviews and Ratings

Its kung fu fighting! The latest animated movie from Dreamworks had the looks, the action, the humour, and even a decent plot.

The good:
- Superb voice acting: Jack Black portraying an funny, aloof yet likable Panda, Dustin Hoffman voicing the stern Master Shifu and Ian McShane being the evil and sinister Tai Lung.. you could really sense the "badness" just in his voice!
- Great 3D animation, with notable landscape backdrops and fighting sequences. The prison escape scene was incredible. Don't miss the beginning of the movie.. theres a very cool 2D dream sequence! I missed this, and only got to see it online 😔 (EDIT: stay for the credits too!)
- Smart and sustained (if that makes sense) humour at the right places.. very few, if not none, lame jokes. You'll laugh from beginning to end, but the humour will not really be a distraction to the few serious undertones in the story.

The bad:
- Too short, perhaps (around 1 and half hours).
- Limited voice roles for Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan (who has like two lines or something)
- It would have been nice to know the Furious Five more deeply. Perhaps its due to time constraints.

Hopefully there will be a sequel! 😁

[EDIT: Good news! Possible sequels are indeed in the plans if all goes well: Kung Fu Panda Sequels? Jack Black, Jeffrey Katzenberg Talk About 2nd Movie]
22 Jun 2008
*Adds in his personal list of - "Movies to watch before death".*

Btw, Ash - what kind of option is this "A total waste of time. Lets sue!" 😁 Boy! you're funny! 😁


23 Jul 2008
well the movie passes on great msg,very lenght is ok as lomg as animated movie who will challenge the dragon master,my take someone from the famous five
23 Jul 2008
Hey I saw the movie yesterday! Boy its amazing!

My favoritest line from the movie -

“He was so deadly in fact that his enemy would go blind for the over exposure to pure awesomeness[​IMG]


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