Knowledgeable or Wise

Do one need to be knowledgeable to be wise OR wise to be knowledgeable?

What would you rather be? Knowledgeable or Wise?

PS: Kindly support your answers with reason(s). This question was asked to me by a friend and I had to hit my brain(whatever is left of it) real hard. 😛


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Knowledge is just a kind of database one can acquire by reading, joining a course or by being taught by a teacher.
    Wisdom comes by learning from experience of failing and recovering from failures, as well as garnering information on why sometimes things succeed and applying such knowledge wisely to each case on its merits.
  • Reya
    Knowledge is knowing the steps and processes,but wisdom is understanding them and applying knowledge to those situations that arise.
    Wisdom and knowledge goes hand in hand. Unless you have knowledge you cannot apply wisdom. According to me application of knowledge is wisdom.

    Otherwise the world is round. 😛

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