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    CEan - Sahiti Pallavi joined CE in July 2009 and soon became one of the most active contributors of CE Forums. Pallavi is third year computer engineering student. She enjoys surfing the Internet and learning new things. You can find her posting interesting ideas in technical sections or helping new members with their queries. She manages to spend lot of her online time on CE while maintaining her top rank in her college exams. CEan The Big K interviewed Pallavi for CE's KYCEan. Check it out -
    K: Pallavi, you’re one of the most active members of CrazyEngineers. Tell us how did you get introduced to CE?
    Pallavi:  I am R.S.S.Pallavi, pursuing my third year Computer Science Engineering. First I don’t know that these kind of forums will be available on the Internet.  Once I am surfing the net about paper presentation topics and seminar topics, I found the Project ideas and seminar topics section of CE. By visiting this, I am totally impressed and excited. Immediately I joined and started a new journey on CE.  And with all of our CEans  co-operation, I am participating actively. On this opportunity, I would like to thank my first 3 friends on CE. when I was new to this they explained me all about the CE. They are (1) Shalini_Goel, (2) durga,  (3) The one and only Big_K. Thanks a ton friends.
    K: You belong to a family of lawyers. What made you take up engineering as a career?
    Pallavi:  Ya, this is the question each and every one asks me. Before joining my B tech, I was at cross roads whether to choose LAW or B TECH.  I like LAW very much because lawyers are very intelligent, they know all the rules and regulations, and they know what to do and what not to do.  And obviously some influence of my parents is there.  And I like B TECH (especially CSE) because from my childhood itself, I like computer very much. That made me to think about B TECH. And finally respecting my father’s decision, I joined B TECH, and he told me to do LAW after my B TECH.  It makes me so happy.  And my father wants to join my brother in LAW. But unfortunately, he is not interested.  So, may be in future, I will do LAW.
    K: You are a third year computer science engineering student. What do you like the most of CS engineering?
    Pallavi: First of all, I like computer very much. And as a third year computer science student, I like each and every subject which are related to computers.  Especially my favorite subjects are Computer Organization, Operating Systems and usually the programming languages.
    K: Tell us about your family.
    Pallavi: My family is a very small family. It consists of my father, my mother, my brother and me.  My father and my mother are Advocates. My father has 17 years of experience. He is working as a Special Public Prosecutor for Central Bauru of Investigation.  And my mother has 11 years of experience. She is practicing as an Advocate. My brother is younger than me. He is going to join engineering this year. As my family members are very busy, we used to spend time only at weekends.
    K: Who are your idols/inspirations?
    Pallavi: Actually, I don’t have any particular idol. If I found any good in a person, I used to get inspired by him/her.  One of my inspirations is my father. He is always up to date in his work.  I like it very much.  So I inspired by him.
    K: What do you like the most about yourself?
    Pallavi: I am always smiling, active and sportive. And I used to make my friends active. And I always used to do work. I won’t sit idle.  These are the things I like the most in myself.
    K: College days are the most wonderful days in an engineer’s life. Any interesting moments you’d like to share with us?
    Pallavi:  The first day of my college was so exciting and scaring to me. I am fine till the joining day. But suddenly on the joining day, I am very scared to enter in to my college. But I don’t know why? It was the most memorable day in my college life. And the anniversary day in our college is also a most wonderful day for me. There is a competition of stalls (which consists of small games like in any exhibition). That day all the guys are queued in our stall. And we won the best stall award. This is also the most memorable day in my college life.
    K: You like to participate in competitions. Tell us about the most memorable competition you participated in.
    Pallavi: I had participated in so many competitions like drawing, essay writing, debate, jam etc.  But, one essay writing contest is held in our college.  That time, I suddenly participated in the competition on the spot and I won the first prize in our college.  That’s about the politics topic, I remember it.  All our lecturers appreciated me a lot and I felt very happy.   And on the same day there is another competition about the stalls (contains small games like in any exhibition) and my stall was selected as the best among all the others. It also makes me very happy.
    K: You dream of visiting world’s most popular places with your parents. How are you planning to fulfill your dream?
    Pallavi:  It’s my one and only dream in my life. I want to visit all the popular places all over the world with my parents, only with my money.  I don’t know when it will going to be.  But, after my education, immediately I am going to do the job. And from that day onwards, I have to collect money more and more.  It is a big surprise for my parents. And I am confident, I can do it.
    K: What are the qualities, you think, a computer science engineer should posses?
    Pallavi:  I think, a computer science engineer must have complete knowledge about the total computer (software & hardware) .  And he must be able to solve any problem which is related to computer. I don’t know whether I am right or wrong.  But it is my opinion.
    K: In year 2015, Pallavi – the CS engineer will ...
    Pallavi: In the year 2015, I am busy by working as a software engineer. And if possible I am also visible as an advocate.  But sure I won’t do any practice as an advocate, but I want to do it.
    K: Thank you for your responses, Pallavi. We look forward to lot of active contribution from you.
    :  That's my pleasure. Sure Biggie. My contribution is always there for our CE.
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