10 Mar 2008

Know your CEan - MaRo!


CrazyEngineers is blessed with talented engineers from all over the world. CEan - MaRo (from Egypt) is one of them. CEan - MaRo has been adding value to CE Forums ever since he joined us. We bring you CEan - MaRo in through our Know Your CEan initiative. Check it out -

The Big K: Hi MaRo, you have been around on CE for a long time . You have helped lot of Crazy Engineers. We'd like to know more about you.

MaRo: It's my pleasure to be in Know Your CEan & in CE at all.

The Big K: What do you do for a living?

MaRo: I'm a computer science student, working in a computer company called Creo in Egypt as a Software developer & by the way, Creo has a very good R&D team.

The Big K: Why did you decide to become an engineer?

MaRo: It came coincidence, after High school my father told me but I didn't want to join Engineering college I wanted computer science. So, by the time I found myself reading & enjoy doing this CE stuff & thinking about weird ideas (weird for normal people not for CE ).

The Big K: Tell us about your hobbies.

MaRo: Keyboard, screen & processor, Moustafa Amar's music And Bollywood movies

The Big K: Okay, complete this in not more than five words: I am ___

MaRo: I am a dangerous free thinker

The Big K: What brought you to CE? What was your first impression?

MaRo: I was googling for some assembly code, I was redirected her because there was someone also searching for the same thing I was searching for, after some time I found it & posted here, My first impression was like "OMG! this is life!", Engineers website with no restrictions on thinking & polite people

The Big K: Name three CEans whom you'd like to meet in person.

MaRo: Big K, kidakaka & suyash

The Big K: Tell us one thing that you like the most about CrazyEngineers.

MaRo: Open-minded people.

The Big K: ...and one thing that you don't like about CrazyEngineers.

MaRo: The problem with Engineering stuff is it can't gain charisma easily, CE needs some charisma, we have to talk about this on the discussion forums.

The Big K: What is the biggest achievement in your life so far?

MaRo: 1 Patent, some new stuff but not by myself in a team, Creo is full of thinking teams always thinking about changing everything from planes till toilets.

The Big K: Tell us about the most embarrassing moment from your engineering days.

MaRo: It was my first day in work, I was writing some code in Java that generates sound frequency in the office, playing with the equation to change the sound it produced a very noisy sound, like fart voice, I saw all people just starring at me.

The Big K: What are your plans for the future?

MaRo: Getting up with CREO to beat some big companies, (We're not evil) Just dreaming. Make some new standards, innovations & put arabs in a better rank in technology market.


Branch Unspecified
11 Mar 2008
Thats so nice........
12 Mar 2008

Tell us more about the patent that you have?
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

12 Mar 2008
Great interview 😀 Lol @ fart noise.


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12 Mar 2008
Thank you Big K for the interview, it was my pleasure to participate 😀

Thank you guys, just2rock & ash 😀

About the patent, it's very simple idea, AIT (Automatic Irrigation Tool) some sensors in the plant container inform the a water pump attached to the container that it needs water and water flows to the soil, I didn't intend it to be a patent but some hotel here liked the idea and installed it all over the place. now the national patent registration procedurals taking place.


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14 Apr 2008
thank you Big K for the interview, i'm glad to join in this forum.
15 Apr 2008
You're welcome. We are blessed to have the best of the engineers from all over the world. Be around on CE. Who knows, we'll knock your door for an interview 😀

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