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CrazyEngineers is blessed with talented engineers spread across the globe. CEan Mad_Scientist aka Aashish joined CE in December 2008 and has been an active contributor of CE Forums. A mechanical engineer by education, Maddy is an avid gamer & a bookworm. You'd typically find him active in computer science engineering section answering questions posted by members, helping new CEans, posting new ideas. No wonder he won the title of CEan of the Month August 2009. CE is proud to have Aashish on board. CEan Durga chatted with CEan Mad Scientist, aka Aashish aka Maddie for our Know Your CEan. Check it out -
CE: Aashish, from your formal education you seem to be a mechanical engineer, but from your posts we find you all over CE , especially in Computers section. So how has your diversified interest evolved?
Aashish: My father enrolled me into a basic computer course (MS Office, Internet, Windows, etc) when I was in 8th..From there on I developed a keen interest in computers. He bought a computer for me in 1999. During 11th and 12th I had Computer Science as my optional subject. I really learned a lot about computers by hit and trial!! Usually, the poor computer was at the receiving end.
CE: So why mechanical as a major?
Aashish: When i joined my college, I was being offered IT Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. From what I gathered after speaking to a lot of people, IT seemed to be a poor cousin of Computer Science. So I thought Why not join mechanical engg and open up my options after graduation. As i see it, a mechanical engineering guy can join an IT company but not vice versa!!
CE: Nice, So how do you plan to take your career from here on?
Aashish: I will most probably be getting a job related to CAD/CAM. This will be related to my major, while at the same time will allow me to work close to!!
Or, I might join the army, my fathers unit I've always been fascinated by the army. I grew up in an army environment. When I was about 5 years old, I wanted to drive army trucks for a living!! 😁 Well, I feel that army has given a lot to me, be it in terms of the facilities provided or just the environment that you get used to!! I feel I have a duty to give something back. I sincerely hope that more and more people start feeling a little patriotic at least.
CE: By the way, since you want to take advantage of your mechie and computer skills , any thing specific you want to come up with?a brand new utility or say your dream utility?
Aashish: I am a daydreamer. I am always thinking of some weird contraption!! On a serious note, I would like to build a small noiseless bot (for use in surveillance by police, army, etc against terrorists) that can be controlled via a small java application. The app should be portable in the sense that you should be able to run it off a mobile phone if need be.According to my father, we loose a lot of people due to improper surveillance techniques/methods. This should hopefully help our brave men in uniform.
CE: Apart from your life - in CE, how does your social life go?
Aashish: He he. I am a total bookworm!! If I am not reading course books, you'll find me with a novel (Agatha Christie, Robert Ludlum, etc)!! I usually go out on weekends with my family.Once in a while, I catch up with my school friends either online or in the real world😁
CE: Tell us about your hobbies.
Aashish: I like to play games (usually First Person Shooters), read novels, solve crosswords, and make 3D models of anything I can get my hands on (including my specs!!)and I really love listening to music. I find music to be really soothing!! Even something hard by ACDC can be soothing to me!!While listening to music I kinda get lost!! I let go of everything!! Try not to think of my troubles.
CE: What troubles you?
Aashish: Well, the job scene mainly. Its been a couple of months since I passed out of college and I haven't been able to get a decent job interview!!
CE: Ok, Time for quickies ...
CE: What would it be if you were given admin rights for CE for one day"
Aashish: I would find out people who've been inactive for a long time and send them mails about all the wonderful discussions going on in the forum!! And ask them to contribute politely of course!! 😁
CE: What would it be a day for you without a computer?
Aashish: A day without a computer would be anxious one for me!! I'd probably get down and dirty with a good crossword, or get a page turner!! Most probably by Agatha Christie!!
CE: If not a mechie what would you be?
Aashish: Probably a doctor. My mother wanted either me or my sister to become a doc. Since di became a graphic designer, i guess i would have joined the medical profession had i not been attracted by mechanical/computers or an army officer. I cleared the NDA exam in my first attempt, but was not allowed to attend the SSB! Mom didn't want me to join the army!! Mothers do have a soft spot!! She must've been terrified by thinking the things I must have had to endure (or she could have realised I was unfit for the Army as I am a lazy bum sometimes!!)
CE: : Finally , if given a day as Educational minister what would you change?
Aashish: Quota based on cast and creed!! Quota should only be based on economic basis!! Also, I'd like to make the education more practical oriented!! Even in colleges, the emphasis is on cramming theory rather than learning by experimenting.
CE: Anything what you want to say about CE ; it need not be a optimistic type anything what you want to say?
Aashish: CrazyEngineers is a wonderful concept. One that is truly for the people and by the people. If people start taking more active interest in the forums, I believe CE can become the next big thing!! With a little help from our friendly neighbourhood admin (biggie) 😁
CE: Maddie, it was one of the nice interviews and thank you for taking out time.
Aashish: My pleasure.
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