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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Jul 17, 2011

Know Who Uses Google Plus, Minus You!

Since the initial soliciting of invites, Google Plus has emerged as one of the most happening tech resort in the preceding few days. The tech freaks have caught on to it with too much enthusiasm. Well, with interesting features like giving out notifications when someone added you in his/her Circles, it soon found its way in the market. Although Google Plus itself notifies you when you're being added to Circles, it doesn't inform you when you're being removed from them.

Not everything's positive with Google+

As appealing is the fact to know about the people who have added you to their circles, some people may also fancy the idea of knowing the ones deleting them from their Circles. A new browser extension called the Google Minus has been developed just for that. Aptly named, this browser extension lets you know when someone removes you from their circles. Like the Unfriend Finder for tracking lost Facebook friends, GoogleMinus is a browser extension, not a full online application with a dedicated web presence. Developed by Aaron Frost, GoogleMinus can be installed on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. When installed, you will be receiving a notification each time someone removes you from his / her Circles on Google+. The way the GoogleMINUS works is uncomplicated - every time someone removes you from a Circle, you are notified through pop-up. More features are coming soon, says Frost, so stay tuned.

To get started with GoogleMinus, all you need to do is install Kynetx browser extension. As to how to get started with GoogleMinus, you just need to install Kynetx browser extension. As reported by, the extension allows developers to create apps that run on several browsers and add extra functionality when they visit social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

The only question remained to be asked is : Can your egos handle this extension?

Source: TOI

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