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    KDE Plasma NEXT Gets New Wallpaper & Theme Manager

    The KDE developers have recently presented their work on latest development of new wallpapers & themes manager of KDE. This new manager will be arriving with new iteration of Plasma workspace known as Plasma Next. (Plasma Next is the name of development branch version of new Plasma workspace. Final product won't be called Plasma Next.) Since past few months, KDE developers are busy in not only maintaining current stable version of KDE, but also in development of new release of KDE 4.13 alongwith migration of KDE desktop to latest KDE Framework 5 and Plasma Next.


    The new KDE Plasma Next is based on KDE Framework 5 & QT 5, which should provide good stability before its planned release i.e June 17th, 2014. Among many new features that will land in new Plasma Next, we will find the complete migration of QtQuick and its entire user interface in QML 2, which will make Plasma much more responsive. KDE visual design team is already working in bringing #-Link-Snipped-# of version 4.13

    slide1 slide2
    The first thumbnail image is of a new wallpaper manager. In the new wallpaper manager, the space between two alternate wallpapers is reduced, thus saving more space. Preview feature of wallpaper is also slightly changed, in old wallpaper manager there was no option like 'Apply' & 'Ok' which was quite irritating because when you click on wallpaper for preview, it automatically set it as default. However, in latest change this feature is removed, thus facilitating the choice of background to be used only if you activate it using Apply or Ok button.

    The second thumbnail image is of new Dark Theme running on new KDE Framework 5 & Plasma Next. Apart from addition of 'Contrast behind translucent dialogues' there is no other change in UI visuals & interactions.

    From the pictures we can notice that there is no major change in UI visuals of Plasma Next. The major improvements are under hood of new KDE release which will be much more stable & fast. Thanks to migration of KDE to new KDE Framework 5, QT 5 & QML 2, KDE will become much more responsive than before. For detailed information Next means Focus on the Core – sebas' blog.

    Source : Next means Focus on the Core – sebas' blog
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