Kaspersky Launches A 'Safe' Windows Phone Browser

Windows Phones might not be popular phones in the market but this fact does give it an advantage. Yes, I know that’s being too optimistic, but due to low market shares Windows Phones are not the targets of malware writers which give users a sense of security. With a distant third place in market share, that lack of exposure does not make it the most popular place to create mass exploitations of security vulnerabilities. So, for the time being the platform can be considered devoid of any malware.

The main reason why malware is not running rampant on Windows Phones is the fact that Windows Phone limits, what users and apps can do to increase security. This is achieved through features like sandboxing. However, operating system cannot keep users from visiting the dark corners of Internet. To tackle this problem, Russian security company Kaspersky has decided to help users who navigate through unsafe websites by launching Safe Browser.

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The app is designed to help the users browse through the web safely and protect their personal information against theft. Safe Browser is meant for daily use as well as in corporate environments where administrators can control app’s settings and adjust according it to company’s policy. There have been no details as to why Safe Browser is good choice for Windows Phone users but it might surely have some neat tricks up its sleeve. For instance, the browser can be used to block specific type of websites like the ones that feed nudity or violence. Kaspersky joins the likes of Nokia Express, Maxthon, UC Browser to be among the few third-party browsers available on Windows Phone Store. Kaspersky’s Safe Browser can be downloaded from #-Link-Snipped-#

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Source: Kaspersky launches a 'safe' Windows Phone browser


  • Dhananjay Harkare
    Dhananjay Harkare
    Seems like Microsoft is taking every effort to give Windows Phone users a reason to smile!

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