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@Kaustubh Katdare • 05 Jul, 2013
Karbonn Titanium S9 has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs. 19,990. The Titanium S9 makes an interesting launch from Karbonn mobiles and the timing of the launch makes us wonder whether Karbonn is looking to take on the rival Micromax head-on. The technical specifications of the phone are impressive, but do they make the phone worth the price? Does the phone have the 'pull' factor to snatch up buyers who might be looking to buy an Android for the Rs. 20k price range? Let's find out.

The S9, as expected is a dual-SIM phone that runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean firmware out of the box. All the computing is handled by a 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek processor while the 1GB RAM complements setup. For the price, 16GB of internal storage is well expected and the overall storage can be expanded up to 32GB via an external MicroSD card.


But that's not the 'x-factor' for this phone. Karbonn is offering a 5.5" IPS display; but it's not full HD. You'll get a 720p display which is the same resolution as Samsung's Galaxy Note II. The IPS display should make your viewing a pleasure. The company has managed to pack a full 13 MP camera on the rear side and the front facing camera is 5 MP - something that only a few models in the markets offer these days. Even the top brand phones don't offer 5MP front cameras. We'd however like you to test out the front camera on your own than believing that it'll capture high-quality images. The biggest advantage of the front camera with higher resolution is that it will make your video conferencing call quality better.

The whole unit is powered by a mega 2600 mAh battery. Being Android and an IPS display, we'd expect the phone to run full day with regular usage including Internet browsing, a few minutes of videos and audio, bluetooth transfers etc.

The Titanium S9 comes equipped with several sensors including the GPS, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor (will adjust display brightness according to surround lighting conditions). There's bluetooth, wi-fi etc. as you'd expect to make sure you have all the connectivity options you need to connect to the Internet or share files and photos with friends.

It's expected that Karbonn will announce Titanium S6 model around last week of July; and it's expected to feature a full blown 1080p display along with Qualcomm processor. The price would be on the higher side of Rs. 20k; and those who have the budgets should really wait for the Titanium S6 to launch. 1080p displays are much better than the 720p displays in our opinion.
@Anil Jain • 05 Jul, 2013 specs are not bad, so if someone has 20+ grands and thinking of buying a phone like Note or Lumia 820 or Galaxy Grand.

Then they can also give a try to Karboon and Micromax as well. these phones are not bad at all.

Any first hand review from person that's using Karboon or Micromax?

@Anoop Mathew • 05 Jul, 2013 The specs are great and 5MP front camera is tempting. But, I don't think anyone who is smart enough would try it! People would definitely consider the resale value and popularity as well - atleast the common people would. Micromax has however stepped up to the game as their Funbooks are quite famous these days among students. Time will tell for real!
*Fingers crossed*
@Pensu • 05 Jul, 2013 I was just wondering when mobile companies are going to improve front camera quality and here it is today! I guess it would be a different kind of experience to have a 5 MP front camera. Other specs are common now a days.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 05 Jul, 2013 well 1.2 GHz is a little low compared to other competitors in the stage now

But Pricing is really attractive for a smart phone
@Abhishek Rawal • 05 Jul, 2013
well 1.2 GHz is a little low compared to other competitors in the stage now
Man, that's 1.2 GHz quad core processor with PowerVR SGX GPU, which is equal to 2.4 GHz dual-core processors.
It's not low, it's pretty good,robust.
@Anil Jain • 05 Jul, 2013
Abhishek Rawal
Man, that's 1.2 GHz quad core processor with PowerVR SGX GPU, which is equal to 2.4 GHz dual-core processors.
It's not low, it's pretty good,robust.
I completely agree, this is a powerful device. The only negative thing is it doesn;t have the brand name prefixed as Samsung / Apple / Nokia.
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 06 Jul, 2013 For 20,000 INR in hand, I will not go for it(Though front camera is good.).

karbon want to satisfy its low end models customer base to attract people to invest more on their high end models.

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