Just saying Hi!

Hello there guys. Was just browsing the net for interesting places for discussuion. By the way -The site feels cool.


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Hi to u all!!!!!!😁


CEans, Please go through the following before you post your queries in this section. 1. Read the guide created by our own CEan - xHeavenlyx here - https://www.crazyengineers.com/forum...1390-important-how-ask-questions-section.html 2. Do...
CEans, World's biggest software maker - Microsoft is willing to pay $44.6 billion for acquiring Yahoo - the Internet's biggest website! Now, while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is attempting world's...
would like to know weather anyone has implemented I2C in software in smaller chips like Atmel AT89C51, which doesn't have the port. Could you share the details with hardware details(viz:...