Just passing through :-)

Hello everyone,

I feel just a little uncomfortable sharing my real name just yet so I will settle for calling myself Void Runner. I have been on and off this site for a long time. I have a really busy life, so I do not know how much I can contribute. Yet, I will try.

As for my background, I am someone with a mixed background of physics, chemistry and engineering - thus the engineering discipline of "engineering physics" (though that's not what I graduated in technically). I am technically an electronic scientist, not an electronic engineer, but I hope that I can provide some insight into the field from a different lens as I see most of the electronics fellows here are engineers. I also know significant amounts of physics and a little bit of chemistry. I hope I can provide a different perspective on here as I have worked on many engineering problems across different fields from a scientist's perspective (and vice versa).


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# Welcome aboard!

    It's good to have you here. Feel free to speak up in the on-going discussions. 👍
  • lovebox
    Welcome to CE #-Link-Snipped-# ! We look forward to your contribution. Wishing you a fabulous experience here ! 👍
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    I believe a lot of electronics engineers can tag #-Link-Snipped-# when they are in dire need of answers, solutions, advice or suggestions.
  • Void Runner
    Void Runner
    #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# I'm basically someone who did his (post) graduation in electronics from a science department rather than an engineering department. For this reason, the electronics I have studied and experienced is both similar and different to the electronics that an ECE engineer would be working with. That being said I do find the differences in thought processes and end results quite interesting, for example, we work more with electronics inside sophisticated instrumentation and electronics used to conduct scientific experiments than communication circuits and power electronic drives. As such I can share my thoughts and clarify several doubts related to fundamentals but I'd probably have doubts of my own, especially regarding electrical power, power electronics and communication systems as my focus has never been on 3 phase loads and systems and high voltage mixed mode AC/DC stuff 😀 .
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Pleasure to have you with us, #-Link-Snipped-# . Hope you will enjoy your journey with CE.
  • Dhananjay Harkare
    Dhananjay Harkare
    Good to know about you #-Link-Snipped-#. Do catch up with interesting articles in Electronics and Communications. We would definitely like to know your views on latest stuff.

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